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KBtalKing started in 2006 by a group of keyboard enthusiasts in Taiwan. The focal point has always been on the possibility of keyboards and how to make them better in every way for the user. Previous releases include KBtalKing, KBtalKing Light, KBtalKing Pure, just to name a few (however, previous models are sold and supported exclusively by their respective distributors/importers in markets outside of Taiwan–KBtalKing USA began in May 2012 and fully distributes and supports the KBtalKing Pro and newer models to come).

7 comments on “About Us
  1. ben ramirez says:

    Please place me on a notification list for when this item is available.

  2. Ripster says:

    Welcome to the USA Market.

    Your site has been featured at:

    KBTalking Pure pics.


    • andy says:

      Ripster: Thanks for the link. Actually, that’s one of our previously released models, the KBtalKing Pure. We’re bringing the new KBtalKing Pro to the USA market as the first keyboard we offer here. There might be a chance to have the multi-pairing functions to the sleek KBtalKing Pure as well? Only time will tell. =)

    • andy says:

      Ripster – Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Cliff Esport says:

    Just mentioned your product in a blog post, wondering if your sending any samples of it to AnandTech, Ars, or similar for reviews prior to release?

    • andy says:

      @Cliff: Thanks for mentioning us in the blog! So far we have had a couple of prominent sites/mags review us. However, we’ve approached most of the tech sites out there, but apparently not every site has the time of day to check out every new product release. Let us know if you know someone in one of those relevant sites that would like to do a review on our product. We’d love for more exposure before the official release.

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