Can You Use Custom Keycaps on the KBtalKing Pro? Yes!

People have emailed us or left comments regarding whether you can switch out keycaps on the kbtalking pro and use custom ones as found on or elsewhere and the answer is a resounding yes!

Basically, any keycaps made for cherry keyswitches will fit this keyboard. Just make sure to get the correct keycap height (R1-R5) according to the row they are located so you don’t have funky keys that stick out higher (or sits lower) than they are supposed to.

We’ve tested some custom keycaps and documented it with some pics. Check it out below.

kbtalking pro wireless bluetooth mechanical keyboard - custom keycaps front view

Fitted with custom WASD keycaps made for standard Cherry switches.


kbtalking pro wireless bluetooth mechanical keyboard - custom keycaps side view

This is what custom keycaps with proper height looks like on the KBtalKing pro from the side. Notice the proper fit and same height as the rest of the row. (R3 height keycap for “W”, R2 height keycaps for “A”, “S” and “D”)


Note the row height layout in this following picture–When buying custom keycaps, be sure to match the correct keycap heights according to the rows they are located.

Row height diagram for the kbtalking pro - R1, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5

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