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KBtalKing Pro Origami

The user guide card of the KBtalKing Pro is also a fun piece of art. The cutouts allow you to build an origami squirrel holding a functional calendar for you desktop. If you haven’t tried building it or got stuck

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Unwrapping the First Retail Ready KBT Pro in the USA!

I just got the first two production-ready samples here in the state, and here are some pictures…I purposely wanted to “keep it real” and unwrap them on my kitchen floor! Enjoy the teaser! =)       Full video documenting

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Can You Use Custom Keycaps on the KBtalKing Pro? Yes!

People have emailed us or left comments regarding whether you can switch out keycaps on the kbtalking pro and use custom ones as found on or elsewhere and the answer is a resounding yes! Basically, any keycaps made for

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How to Use the KBtalKing Pro

While the Pro is not released just yet,  by getting a preview of how to use it, perhaps you will see why you want one too. Here’s a basic run down of how to use this incredible input device.  

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New 1-Minute KBtalKing Pro Video!

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