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If you have any questions, such as product specs, product availability outside of the USA, international shipping, dealer inquiry, or anything else, please contact us with the form below or by emailing us at info [at] kbtalkingusa (dot) com


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  1. Smith says:


    I’m very interested in your product. I have some questions. Hope you won’t mind.

    1 do you have a bluetooth mechanical keyboard for sale now? or it will available 15 September 2012?
    2 do you have an option to choose “no print” for alphabet key?
    3 I live in Thailand. could you tell me how much for the shipping fee?
    4 will it compatible with New Ipad or Windows 8? (Does it require extra drivers?)

    Best Regards,

    • andy says:

      Smith, thanks for the questions! Here are the answers:

      1) They are finalizing the packaging and other little things right now but will be here on US shores around Sept 15, 2012.
      2) We are still checking the demands for the “no print” keys model (black print on black, still somewhat visible, but looks almost like “no prints” – looks very cool but you should be very good at typing to get this version). If you preorder, be sure to specify that in the Paypal’s “message to seller” section so we know you want that. We might go ahead and create separate order buttons for them at some point. Pictures to come in the next couple of weeks.
      3) For Thailand, you most likely would want to deal with our HK dealer. Info will be available in a couple of weeks too. Feel free to shoot us an email under contact us section if you haven’t seen it published here under a new post by then.
      4) KBtalKing Pro has been tested to work fine with the latest iOS 6 which the newest ipad/iphone uses. Windows 8 should have no problem at all since it’s basically a standard usb keyboard, and with bluetooth, it’s up to the BT dongle (so far everything we tested works…we’ve even tested the cheapest dongles ones out there).

  2. futaris says:

    How much is shipping to Australia?

  3. George says:

    Do you plan to have any versions with backlid keys? Also do you offer coloured keys? (e.g. Red ASDW keys)

    How much is shipping in Cyprus?

    • andy says:

      Hi George – We are actually working on a tenkey-less version, much like the KBtalKing Race, most likely with backlit keys–specs aren’t finalized yet and it won’t be ready until sometime next year. Right now, the US release of KBtalKing Pro comes with 4 keycaps for Mac users. Not sure about the availability of the colored WASD keycaps but I can find out for you. shows it would be around $55 for the shipping to Cyprus. Not sure what if any tariff/commercial duties may be added as with any international shipments.

      • Veskit says:

        Hi !

        If you make a tenkeyless + backlit version of your KBTalking (with cherry brown it would be awesome).
        That’s exactly what I’m looking for, I’ll buy it right away !

        Bye 🙂

        • andy says:

          Yes, it is being developed. Follow up on Twitter and Facebook (buttons on lower right corner) and you will get the latest updates when we are able to start the pre-orders for it!

  4. Abraham says:


    I’ve just pre-ordered, paypal lists my credit card address in Mexico.
    However, I will require the package is sent to an US address. If there is a problem with this please let me know.

    I will wait for later instructions to provide you the address and shipment day.

    BTW, congratulations! it seems to be a nice product, it’s just what I was looking for.

    Kind regards,

    • andy says:

      Abraham – Yes, we did get your pre-order and will make sure we get the US shipping address before shipment. We will contact all pre-order customers if any information is missing as well as provide the new paypal link to complete the rest of the payment, etc. Have a good day!

  5. Matteo says:

    Please, please, please… a tenkeyless version!

    • andy says:

      @Matteo: One is actually in the works. However we need to sell a few of this first model before we can reinvest and develop subsequent models. The tenkeless model should be released sometime next year to be best of my knowledge.

  6. wakin says:


    I understand that the pre-order is now available for USA and the shipping is free for US residents. I am interested to place an pre-order for the KBtalKing Pro but I am currently residing in Singapore. I would like to clarify whether do you ship the product to Singapore, and if indeed you do, the cost for the international shipping plus the retail price of the product. Look forward hearing from you soon.


    • andy says:

      @Wakin – International orders placed from this site will receive the same price, however, we will charge actual shipping and tariff if any. You can send us a private email (in the contact us section) with the singapore shipping address you plan to have it shipped to and we can estimate the international shipping for you.

  7. I was just wondering if you we’re still planning on shipping out on Oct. 8 for the pre-orders. Also, when will you post the requirements for sending the rest of the payment? Thanks for your time and for creating this keyboard.

    • andy says:

      Richard, we sent an email to all the pre-order customers over the weekend with that info and what to expect. Hope it didn’t end up in junk/spam box.

      But basically, as for now we are still shooting for the October 8th ship day and will email you with a payment link for the balance a couple of days before we are actually able to ship. Orders will be shipped as soon as the remaining balance is completed. If you have any questions, feel free to email us directly at info {@} kbtalkingusa {dot} com.

  8. Jacob says:

    I placed my pre-order on September 18th and only received my PayPal confirmation. I haven’t received any emails from you guys. Did you get my order and are you still planning on shipping on Oct 8th?

  9. spener says:

    I like the fact that you can switch between the usb and bluetooth. I would buy it in a minute if you would add a usb port for a usb mouse. Please Please Please.

  10. Brian says:

    Any plans for a bluetooth mouse? If so, laser or optical?

    • andy says:

      Next generation should have an USB port that allows for any USB mouse/tracking device to be connected through the KB.

  11. Gus says:

    Ten. Key. Less.

    Can you reserve a tenkeyless version now (to save on the shipping)?

  12. Dan says:

    Any way to order one without using paypal? My money doesn’t support paypal’s policies.

    • andy says:

      @Dan: Paypal was selected for its ability to protect the buyer and seller. We are about to put them on Amazon as well. I believe they will be able to do a regular CC checkout. Would that help your situation?

  13. Richard Morgan says:

    I just received my keyboard and it does not seem to work with the USB connection. The computer recognizes a USB keyboard being installed but there is no input from the keys. Any suggestions?

  14. Richard Morgan says:

    Having just read the instructions on the enclosed origami-like sheet, I see that I was actually hitting the wrong “Enter” key, going with the KBTalking key, rather than the Number pad “Enter.” It is now working perfectly.

    • andy says:

      @Richard: you may also have accidentally “locked” the entire keyboard. Press Fn+Minus(the minus key on the keypad, just below Fn), to toggle lock and unlock. That tripped me out once until I figured out why nothing worked lol.

  15. Kevin says:

    I received my keyboard about a week ago and I just now realized it is interfering with the wifi in my office. I have not paired the bluetooth to anything and I am running off the usb connection. I can watch the speed test completely drop by 90% when I plug the keyboard in during a test. Is there a way to completely turn off the bluetooth / wireless features? Did I just end up with a lemon? I am hoping this is fixable as I absolutely love the keyboard but this makes it unusable.

    • andy says:

      You are the first one to report this, but I did some research and found out that wifi and BT do sometimes have interference. The trick is to have BT on first, and then force the wifi router to automatically select a new channel that has least interference over all. I suppose this can be done manually as well. Check your router settings or user guide for details.

      Here’s a similar problem on this apple forum and how to resolve these interference issues.

  16. Bob Currie says:

    Hello KBTP,

    This is a duplicate comment to one on the support page. I’m very happy with my new KBTalking Pro keyboard except for one thing that is turning out to be a showstopper for me. When operating in wireless mode, the power-save timeout on the keyboard is about 20 seconds (which of course means I must tap the keyboard and wait a couple of seconds for it to wake-up, thus losing a keystroke). I’m finding that I can barely take a drink of soda without the keyboard going away. I’m hoping the time-out is configurable, but I can find no documentation on it. Can you help? Otherwise I’ll have to return or sell the keyboard. Thanks! ~Bob

    • Bob Currie says:

      For the benefit of others reading – Andy answered my post on the support forum. The normal timeout on the keyboard is more like 15-30 minutes – which is great. Andy and I have taken it offline for my particular case. Cheers. ~Bob

      • Bob Currie says:

        Hooray!, I found the answer on another forum. My problem was with Windows. If any one else has this problem, go to:
        Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Bluetooth Radio and right-click on your Bluetooth adapter to open the Properties. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Click OK. 😀

        My KBTalkingPro is now the perfect keyboard for me 😀

  17. Joe in Australia says:

    Are any keyboards with the blue keyswitches left?

    • andy says:

      Sorry Joe but BLUES are all sold out for this shipment. However, I thought I’d like the BLUES more at first, but after using the linear REDS, they are growing on me! I can’t explain it. It’s got a clean and crisp, yet non tactile feeling. And it’s more stealthy due to no clicking. =)

  18. David Morash says:

    Been using my KBTalkingPro for two days and I have to say its my favourite of the six mechanical keyboards I have. On feel its as good as my 15+ year old Northgate OmniKey, but the bluetooth pairing is a killer feature.

  19. George says:

    Is there a pre-order list for the second round for MX blues keyboard?

    • andy says:

      @George: Not yet, but that’s a good idea. We can definitely set that up shortly if you are interested.

      • Peter says:

        I vote for a pre-order list! And a downloadable PDF of the squirrel calendar…

      • George says:

        Please place me on the pre-order list when you set it up, or at least in a list somewhere. I’m going to hold off a keyboard purchase until next year…

  20. Dan Roy says:

    shipping cost to Canada? and can I order this from

    • andy says:

      @Dan: Shipping to Canada will be $29.36 USD. We currently only have this set up in for the USA. I’d suggest simply ordering from our website, and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice for $19.41 to cover the additional shipping to Canada.

  21. golgox says:

    i fall in love kbtalkingpro, yesturday.
    i need it.
    how much int’l s/h to japan?

    • andy says:

      @golgox: I believe we addressed this over email by now. But for the rest of you, shipping is $44.60 to Japan, with a 6-10 business day ETA.

  22. Andrew says:


    I know you addressed the black type/black key combination with another customer, but I was wondering if you were able to put completely blank keys on the board?

    Also are there any updates for backlit models?

    Thanks a lot for your time!!

    • andy says:

      Hey Andrew, due to production feasibility issues, we currently are able to carry just the two types of keycaps. The standard and the black on black laser engraved keycaps. However, you are able to install pretty much any keycaps you want that fits the Cherry MX switches. Shops like and doing a search on ebay for “blank cherry keycaps” should give you what you are looking for and more.

      The tenkeyless backlit model is still in early stages so we don’t have an accurate ETA. I’m hoping we’ll be able to bring them to market by mid 2013.

      Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get latest notifications!

  23. John says:

    Please add me to the list for a keyboard with brown switches.

    Thank you!


  24. Daniel says:

    Hi, Andy.

    I have three questions:

    – I would like to know if it’s possible to register my Pure 60% in the KBTalking website.
    – Have you consider to add more products in the web??.
    – Finally, I’m very interested in the KBTalking Pro Keyboard, and I need to know the cost of shipping to Spain (Barcelona).

    Thank you in advance!.

    • andy says:

      1) The KBT Pure was actually sold by another company/distributor and as of now, KBtalKing USA is not affiliated with it. You might want to check with where you purchased it.
      2) We are going to have our second keyboard coming out by second quarter 2013, the KBT Q, which will be tenkeyless, backlit, version of the KBT Pro. When it’s out we shall add it to the site.
      3) Shipping from the US to Spain via Priority Mail (6-10 business days) is $44.22

  25. Raj S says:

    I just placed an order for the keyboard through your website (Receipt number 2590-6281-8545-5243). I made the purchase for use with my Macbook Pro. I just wanted to make sure that the extra Mac specific keys will be shipped with the keyboard. Another question that I had was regarding the noise levels of the keyboard. Could you please let me know if I ordered the right one if I wanted a soft or medium noise level keyboard. The only option that I had while buying was the “Cherry MX Red”

    • andy says:

      Thanks Raj for the comment and emailing us. We did answer this in the email already, but for the sake of other readers, yes Mac keycaps are included. Be sure to open the compartment inside the box to find your Mac keycaps, USB cable, and keycap puller! And yes, MX Reds are relatively quiet.

  26. Raj S. says:

    Hi Andy,
    Just received my keyboard. Changed the key windows Alt and Windows keys with the provided Mac OS specific keys. Paired the keyboard with my MacbookPro retina and switched to the Mac OS device type using the Fn and Vol Up keys. Everyting seems to be working properly except that I noticed the Caps Lock light won’t light up. The Caps lock key works but the light will not come on. Is that a defect?

    • andy says:

      Hi Raj – I believe we addressed this topic earlier in our emails (I don’t always get to comments right away, but email, almost instantaneous!), but for the edification of all other readers…the Caps lock and Numlk LEDs will only light up in USB mode. This is a battery saving design. See the tutorial page under basic concepts for a more detailed explanation. Thanks for bring it up! =)

  27. Graham Hanson says:

    I purchased your keyboard a while back, and I’d just like to say I’m very pleased. I’ve been using to it control my home PC, iPhone 3GS, and Asus Transformer Infinity, and thus far it’s worked flawlessly.

    Soon after purchasing, I went online and purchased a blank keycap set from, to further increase the cool factor when I use it at work (I’m a Mining EIT, and this works very well with autocad and vulcan). Co-workers refuse to use my computer for anything, citing a lack of experience with blank keyboards.

    While I maintain that I’m very pleased with it, if I had to choose some way to augment it I would ask for dedicated macro keys on the left-hand side , similar to the Logitech G19 or the Corsair Vengeance K95. I find them very useful for autocad and photoshop.

    That said, this keyboard is f**king bulletproof. Absolutely worth the $.

  28. Thomas Munn says:

    My kbtalking pro no longer seems to work. I tried re-pairing, etc. to no avail. the device simply doesn’t type any more.

    • andy says:

      Thomas, have you tried toggling Fn+”minus” on keypad (keyboard lock)? Sounds like it got into Locked/Disabled mode. Also are you currently USB powered or battery powered?

      If you still can’t get it to work, shoot us an email and we’ll proceed with troubleshooting. I believe we’ve already been in contact over email about getting you some Mac keycaps so go ahead and email me over there directly. Thanks.

  29. Daniel says:

    I have a few (possibly dumb questions) I hope you can answer

    will you have a nordic ISO layout version and possibly a tenkeyless at some point?

    • andy says:

      @Daniel: tenkeyless is in development…eta is by the end of 2013. We are not planning to have any versions other than the ANSI U.S. format at this time. Perhaps in the future as more sales will help us have the means to make alternative versions of keyboard layout.

  30. jruser says:

    Will people with the first model be able to update the firmware to match the new model?

    • andy says:

      @Jruser: Yes, but since the upgrade involves opening up the keyboard, it’ll be done by sending it back to us. The firmware upgrade sign up info will be available in about a week or so from today.

  31. Dave says:

    I am interested in the KBtalKING v1.1 PRO.
    I have a few questions.
    How much would shipping to Calgary, Alberta, Canada be?
    What is the difference between the v1 and v1.1?
    This will be used mainly for gaming, in wireless mode, is there a Bluetooth dongle you can recommend to get the best performance/range out of this?



    • andy says:

      @Dave: Shipping to anywhere in Canada is $29.36 (just put the order in first, then we will instruct you to submit the balance of the shipping to us.
      As for what V1.1 has, please check the top of the V1.1 pre-order page
      While pretty much all BT dongles work, we’ve found those with Broadcom chips work especially great.

  32. WinSun says:

    How much should I pay for shipping to China.
    I had Pre-Order and payment

    • andy says:

      @WinSun: I don’t see your order with your name in the system. Email us at the contact email toward the top of the page and I’ll look into this for you. FYI, shipping to China is $49.49 USD. You can also check with and see if they ship to China from there. Might be cheaper to ship from Taiwan from that distributor.