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KBtalKing Pro Wireless Bluetooth/USB Mechanical Keyboard for Mac OS X and up,  Windows XP/Vista/7/8, iOS 4/5/6 (ipads, iPhones), and Android 3/4 Devices

Imagine using just one high quality mechanical keyboard that feels incredible to type on, to control not only your main computer (PC or Mac), but also wirelessly up to 10 other Bluetooth devices (one at a time, of course) such as your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, and even your PS3!

KBtalKing Pro white on black keycaps

KBtalKing Pro Laser Etched White Letters on Black ABS Keycaps. UV coated. (Standard)

KBtalKing Pro Laser Engraved (Black) Letters on Black Keycaps

KBtalKing Pro Laser Engraved Black Letters on Black ABS Keycaps. UV Coated. (Limited edition)

Gone are the days of tediously switching between devices, multiple keyboards, or typing on annoying/inefficient touch screens. Let the KBtalKing Pro be your ultimate ALL-IN-ONE desktop input device!


Main Benefits

  • Quickly switch between 11 devices (10 Bluetooth devices + 1 USB) for an incredible typing experience on all your favorite devices! Can be 100% wireless (powered by two AA batteries) or USB powered. It’s up to you!
  • Top-notch build quality with typing feel that rivals the best mechanical keyboards in the industry.
  • Metal plate mounted keys witches for a solid build and amazing typing experience.
  • Utilizes Cherry MX Red, MX Blue or MX Brown switches (Check order page for current availabilities)
  • UV coated ABS keycaps (on all exposed surfaces) for long-term stain and wear resistance as well as ease of cleaning.
  • Dual-Layer PCB (IC/PC Board) for solid feel and strongest possible solder points — Results in long term reliability.
  • Available now in the USA for fast shipping and full support to North America and beyond!
  • Made in Taiwan with great quality control and attention to detail during production. Cost cutting is not a priority here. Highest quality is!
  • Designed by power users for power users!


Additional Features

  • Can be used USB-powered without batteries when plugged in to a computer (PC/Mac)
  • Can be 100% wireless if all devices including computers have Bluetooth HID support (Most devices do).
  • Detachable USB cable(1.5m or 5′) for clean look when using 100% wireless mode
  • Enhanced USB wire and Bluetooth 3.0 multi-pairing technology – Switch between 1 USB wired machine and any of 10 Bluetooth wireless devices.
  • Mobile Platforms Supported: Google Android 3/4 devices, and Apple iOS 4/5/6 (iPhones, iPads, etc.)
  • Computer Platforms Supported: Windows XP / Vista   / Win7  / Win 8 / MAC OS X (OS 10) or higher
  • Classic graceful appearance with full QWERTY key layout in a full-size 18.5” form factor.
  • Graceful hidden indicator lights. (Num, Scroll lock, Caps lock)
  • Comes with 4 pcs of keycaps for Mac which you can swap (2 “command” and 2 “option”) (Discontinued as of 05/01/2013)
  • Assignable OS modes for each device slot–Allows for OS specific functions when using a particular OS.


Special Keys

Swappable Key Sets: Caps Lock/Ctrl (for Solaris/Unix users), WASD/Arrow Keys (for gamers)

Disable Hotkeys: Windows Key Disable (prevents accidental interruption during gaming), Keyboard Disable (prevents unauthorized use)

PC Only Shortcut Keys: Calculator, Notepad, Task Manager, and more.

Mac Only Keys: Command and Apples keys in Mac mode (includes matching keycaps if you prefer the Mac look)

Special Function Keys: Cooking/food timer (1 minute increments up to 15 minutes), Health/fitness timer (one hour timer with 10 minute break)

General Shortcut Keys: Play/pause, next track, previous track (works on both PC and Mac mode)

Switch between four (4) different operating systems: PC, Mac, Android, iOS. With unique subset of shortcut keys relevant to each operating system.



Number of Keys: US 108 Keys (ANSI)

Keyboard Color: Black

Keyboard Type: Mechanical – Using top quality Cherry MX Red keyswitches. Cherry MX Blue (clickier/louder) also available. Cherry MX switches are tested at more than 50 million strike life cycle.


  • Standard – Laser Etched White Characters on Black ABS Plastic (UV Coated)
  • Black on Black – Laser Engraved Black Characters on Black ABS Plastic (UV Coated)All keyboards come with Mac compatible keycaps (4 pcs – command x2, alt/option x2).

Hotkeys: 27 (See full list of explanations on proprietary hotkeys and functions)

Anti-ghosting/N-Key Rollover: 6-key simultaneous input without ANY conflict/interference (Tested in both USB & Bluetooth mode Any key combinations).

Wired Interface: USB (Detachable cord)

Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 3.0 (Pairs and saves up to 10 devices)

Exclusive Technology: Multi-Pairing Bluetooth (10 devices) with switchable USB connection

Compatible Bluetooth Devices: Google Android 3/4 devices, and Apple iOS 4/5/6 (iPhones, iPads, etc.), Playstation 3

Compatible Computers: Windows XP / Vista   / Win7  / Win 8 / MAC OS 10 or higher

Batteries: AA x 2 pcs (not included)

Battery life: Approximately 1000+ hours. (3 hours/day x 365 days)

Accessories Included:   User Manual, USB Cable, Mobile device stand, keycaps for Mac (4pcs), keycap puller


Electrical Specifications and Dimensions

Working Voltage: 5.0 +/-0.5 Vdc

Current Consumption: 100mA max

Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts max

Safety Approvals: CE, FCC, NCC, BSMI, SRRC


Dimensions: 450mm x165mm x20mm (Approximately 17.8″ x 6.5″ x 0.8″)

Weight: 1200g (2.64 lbs)


See Reviews of KBtalKing Pro on these Popular Tech Sites:







and more to come…


Standard Shipping

USPS Priority Mail – Fastest to anywhere in the USA (For international shipping, please contact us first)

We ship to PayPal address only. If there’s a good reason you need to ship to another address, please contact us and we’ll decide on a case by case basis.


Returns and Exchanges

Please request for return address before return Item. Item must be return in original condition with original box in good condition.

Full refund with shipping would only be given to any defective or dead on arrival item.

You can receive a refund the item even if you do not like it. But you will be responsible for all shipping charges incurred.



Keyboards carry a one year parts and labor warranty in the USA. Please visit KBtalKingusa.com for details.

27 comments on “KBT Pro – Features & Specs
  1. Mad-Duke says:

    Sounds amazing. Does USB recharge the rechargeable batteries when plugged in? Back-lighting? Programmable keys? MX Cherry Brown and Black?

    • andy says:

      @Mad-Duke: Due to the low power consumption which already allows this keyboard to last about a whole year without replacing batteries (@ 3 hrs a day usage), we opted for the use of commonly available AA batteries (2 required), which also eliminates the possibility of people recharging non-rechargeable batteries in there and causing other problems.

      We only have a very limited run of the Cherry MX Brown keyboards in this initial run so if you really want one, be sure to put in a pre-order ASAP and specify MX Brown so we can reserve one for you. =)

  2. Pierre Belanger says:

    What about the mouse? When switching between my PC and Mac, I’d be interested for the mouse to follow as well. Is this supported? Is there support planned for this? Is there a USB port on the keyboard that allows me to plug a USB mouse or pair a mouse Bluetooth to the keyboard?

    • andy says:

      For now, we’d recommend a separate mouse for each computer (they’re small in footprint and cheap enough anyway) but we are working on an integrated mouse solution for a future model.

  3. Brian Bawden says:

    I have a US address for parcels in Lewiston NY where I pick up numerous things my wife or I order in the States (e.g., from Amazon.com). It saves delivery charges, we make a nice day of it in Niagara Falls, and in this case, the keyboard is well under our exemption limit, so no charges coming across the border. Can you please change the delivery address to the following? Many thanks!
    Brian Bawden
    793 Center Street
    UPS Store of Lewiston, #4865713
    Lewiston, New York 14092-1705
    United States

  4. trae watkins says:

    If you do a paired mouse in the future what are the odds of a “upgrade” discount?

    • andy says:

      The short answer is no, because we are not planning a paired mouse, but looks like we will be making a USB port on the follow up tenkeyless model that will accept any USB mouse, then as you switch from device to device on the keyboard, the mouse will “follow”. For now, if you are using the KBT Pro on more than one computer, we suggest that you simply have a separate mouse for each computer (ideally wireless).

  5. Thomas MUNN says:

    Any blues left? I prefer browns on my order if blues all gone. But will take reds if that’s all u have.

    • andy says:

      @Thomas Munn: Sorry for getting to this comment late, but I believe we worked this out over email. =)

      @Everyone else: MX Blues are all gone, and as of today we have a few MX Browns left. As for Black on Black, we only have one more and that’s with MX Red.

  6. Thomas says:

    i want to buy the red one and send to NSW,Australia. please advise the postage fee.

    • andy says:

      @Thomas: We will ship to Australia via USPS International Priority, and the quote I got for the actual dimensions and weight is $44.08.

  7. Thomas Munn says:

    Just got my keyboard. It paired really easy, and the key labels actually map to IOS functions on my Iphone.

    The build quality is quite good, and the action was nice. I have browns, fyi.

    The font is also different than normal, but I kind of like this. And the inclusion of a real on-off key is a very cool.

    I have yet to figure out the purpose of the ‘fold up’ direction origami, or why they named a couple of keys the ‘squirell’ and ‘nut’ keys, but beyond that I like it so. Far. The iphone stand is also a trip. (I would not deign to call it an ‘android’ stand’!).


  8. Kirill says:

    Waiting tenkeyless. This will be best keyboard!

    I understand, that for choosing keyswitches is limited by orders. But what about keys itself? Is there possibility to use blank keycaps?

    • andy says:

      @Kirill: Yes when the KBT Q tenkeless model comes out, there will be different keyswitches available as well as both regular keycaps and blank or laser engraved keycaps.

  9. CTZerner says:

    Just got my kbtalking pro with cherry reds. So far, so good.

  10. Steve says:

    Great idea.

    If you make:
    * Tenkeyless
    * Bluetooth (with multiple pairing) / USB
    * user selectable key (blue, brown, red, etc.)
    * bonus point (backlight)
    then I’m sold.


  11. Steve says:

    One more thing:
    * Include key caps and switches to switch CapsLock and CTRL keys.

    Then it would be my dream keyboard.

  12. Victor says:

    Hi, I am a magazine columnist that types quite a lot. Could you please recommend which kind of switches is most comfortable and quiet? Thx.

  13. Yonggang Luo says:

    Is that possible to deliver this keyboard to China mainland?

    • andy says:

      @ Yonggang: Yes, we have shipped to China with no problems. The checkout process will also calculate shipping for you to China.

  14. Poom says:

    Hi, on the older version, the keyboard ships with PBT keycaps right? or have I miss read it somewhere? dont get me wrong though, I personally perfer the smooth feel of ABS plastic, so when the board arrived I was very happy with the keycaps, but just wanted to check.

    I thought the board is plate mounted, it felt like it anyway, so im impressed of how solid it feels

    • andy says:

      @Poom: We were under the impression the regular keycaps were indeed PBT before, and then we were told later by the factory that it was ABS all along for both types of keycaps. So we corrected accordingly. The official word is, both types of keycaps are ABS. And yes, you are absolutely right, as you see in the specs as well as the exploded view images elsewhere in the website, it is indeed plate mounted and solid by design!

  15. Wesley Chu says:


    Do you have an ETA for the tenkeyless model? Moving a USB mouse is a requirement for my needs when I switch.


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