How to Use the KBtalKing Pro

While the Pro is not released just yet,  by getting a preview of how to use it, perhaps you will see why you want one too. Here’s a basic run down of how to use this incredible input device.


1)      Introduction and Basic Concepts

  • Can be 100% wireless (powered by 2 x AA batteries)
  • Can be USB powered and run without batteries if plugged into main computer as directly connected USB keyboard
  • Can pair and save up to 10 Bluetooth devices, plus one PC/Mac computer via direct USB connection.
  • Switch between devices by pressing Fn + “desired device slot”on number pad (0-9 & Enter)


2)      Pairing a Bluetooth Device

  • Make sure keyboard power switch is in the “on” position and powered either by batteries or USB cable connected to a computer or USB power supply.
  • Press Fn + Desired Bluetooth Slot (0-9 on number pad. For example, slot “7”).

KBtalKing Pairing Process FN + 7

  • Press the “Pair Button” located on the back of the keyboard, next to the power switch.

KBtalKing Pro Pair / Reset Button

  • Now the blue light on the Numlck  key will flash continuously. The keyboard is now in pairing mode and able to be discovered by your Bluetooth device.
  • Follow instructions on your Bluetooth device in order to find/discover “KBtalking Pro” and proceed with pairing according to your device.

Note: If device is BT 2.0, you may need to enter a series of numbers (use number keys on main keyboard, not the number pad) and press enter. On devices with Bluetooth 3.0 and above, the pairing will complete without the need to enter any codes.

  • When done successfully, the NumLk LED light will cease to flash. Now the connected device is ready to be controlled by the KBtalKing Pro keyboard. Be sure to open an application that supports typing on your Bluetooth device, then try typing with the keyboard.


Example: You wish to pair an iPhone 4 and save it in Bluetooth slot associated with the number key “7” on the number pad. Let’s call this slot Bluetooth 7.

1)      Press Fn + “7” on the number pad
2)      Press pair button on the back of keyboard, blue light begins flashing on NumLk key
3)      On iPhone 4, open Settings, Bluetooth, add/scan for device, select KBtalking Pro and proceed to complete pairing. Once paired the NumLk light will cease to flash
4)      Your iPhone 4 is now paired and saved under Bluetooth 7
5)      Test functionality by opening an application such as messages or notes and begin inputting text with the KBtalKing Pro. Enjoy text messaging at 60 WPM! (or however fast you type on a real keyboard)


3)      Device Selection (Any of 10 Bluetooth devices or USB connected device)

To select and use a paired Bluetooth device (or the wired USB device), press Fn + desired Device Slot (0-9 or Enter/USB on number pad) and type away!

*Tip: Keep your devices’ Bluetooth feature on (or in standby mode) for quickest switching between devices.

*Tip: If you’ve left your keyboard on, but unused for a while, it goes into power saving mode—simply strike any key and give it a few seconds and the keyboard will reconnect with the last-used device.

5) Choosing OS Specific Modes (Only need to setup once after pairing)

There are three (3) different OS modes: PC, Android, and Mac/iOS. Each mode has special functions made for that mode only.

Basically, depending on what device is associated with a particular device slot , you will want to choose the appropriate OS mode to fully maximize the special features of that OS, and once in that mode, you will NOT need to press FN to access the functions under each of the F1-F12 keys.

–          Be sure your device is paired (see section 3)
–          Select that device (see section 4)
–          Now press Fn + desired OS mode (Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up on number pad)

Note: Once selected, the active device slot will remember the chosen OS mode in the future. If for some reason you need to select another OS mode, simply do so by pressing Fn + desired OS mode.

Example: You’ve paired your iPhone to the KBtalKing Pro under Bluetooth 2 (See section 3), and have switched to Bluetooth 2 by pressing FN + 2. Now you will let KBtalKing Pro know that Bluetooth 2 is to use the Mac/iOS mode by pressing FN+ Volume Up, which corresponds to the Mac/iOS mode. Now every time you switch back to Bluetooth2, KBtalKing Pro will automatically enter Mac/iOS mode, so that the keyboard is mapped accordingly, with the unique functions for the Mac/iOS.

6. List of Functions Under Different Modes

When in a particular mode, functions under the F1-F12 keys do not need Fn to work. Functions under number pad on the other hand, will need to be pressed after Fn in order to work.

KBtalKing Pro F1-F12 Function Keys


PC Mode
F1-F12: Same as normal PC functions
Fn+”*” on number pad: Notepad
Fn+”-” (minus) on number pad: Keyboard lock
Fn+”+” (plus) on number pad: Calculator
Fn+”.” (period) on number pad: Task manager


MAC Mode
F1-F12: Same as normal Mac functions

Android Mode
Note: F4 & F8 is disabled (iOS functions only)

ESC: “back” function
F1: Globe (language/input change)
F2: Home
F3: Search

F5-F7: Audio player controls
F9-F11: Cut, Copy, Paste (respectively)
* If other than English language is used, device must be LIME HD input compatible in order for cut/copy/paste functions to work.
F12: Lock/wake under Android 4.X and up.

IOS Mode:
F1: Globe (language/input change)
F2: Home
F3: Search
F4: Photos

F5-F7: Audio player controls
F8: Hide on screen keyboard
F9-F11: Cut, Copy, Paste (respectively)
F12: lock / wake

More function tutorial to come….I will amend to this as soon as I get more photos taken!

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14 comments on “How to Use the KBtalKing Pro
  1. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  2. I love the kbtalking pro bluetooth keyboard and the guid for it was very helpful!

  3. Christopher says:

    Is it possible to ‘slide to unlock’ an iPhone from the keyboard when you receive a text message?

    • andy says:

      @Christopher: Yes, any key press will unlock the iphone slider. And if you have a security code, you can even type it in with the KBT Pro!

  4. Thomas Munn says:

    Does it support eneloop rechargeable batteries?

  5. Jacob says:

    I just got my new KBTalking Pro in the mail two days ago. The one thing I’ve noticed so far is that the command/apple(squirrel) key doesn’t operate as the command key in “Mac Mode” but does if I have “PC Mode” Selected instead.

  6. wakin says:

    You forgot to mention that by pressing “Fn” + “Enter” key on the keypad will activate the wired mode (i.e. connecting via the included USB cable to the PC without the need of using Bluetooth). It gives me a scare as I accidentally paired the keyboard with my mac and spend some time trying to figure how to switch back to wired mode when connecting to my PC.

    • andy says:

      @Wakin: Thank you for catching that. Yes ideally if you are working with two computers you’d probably want the main computer connected via usb and switch to the other one on BT. This allows for the fastest switching.

  7. Dave Spedzia says:

    Can you pleas include the Fn function of the PrtScn, ScrLk and Pause buttons?

  8. Valerie says:

    I just got my keyboard but it won’t pair with any device. The enter key keeps blinking. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • andy says:

      Please spend 5 minutes to read and understand the tutorial first, and follow the steps as shown:

      First of all, there is no LED light on any Enter keys, so I’m not sure if you meant the NumLk. If so, that means you are in pairing mode and the keyboard is waiting for a device to pair. Anyway, it’s much clearer to go through the tutorial link and you should be on your way very quickly. If you still have problems connecting after going through the link above, please submit it in the contact form section for further help!

  9. Paul says:

    Amazing Keyboard! I’m having difficulty controlling my iPhone 6 using the Kbtalking Pro in that the only way to take control it is to put the iPhone in voiceover mode. When not in that mode i can access the phone, waking it and inputing my pass code but The F keys don’t seem to work and i cant navigate through the apps. I can only ontrol the volume, I have selected IOS mode.

    Could some one help?

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