KBT Pro V1.1 is on its way to the USA!

Shipping department in TaiwanJust got word from Taiwan that the KBtalKing Pro V1.1 shipment is being prepared and about to ship to the USA as I type this post! We are pretty much on track with the February 28th ETA.

After we receive it here, your pre-orders will be packed and shipped within a couple of business days and you should receive your keyboard within 1-3 business days thereafter! (International shipments will take approximately 6-10 business days to arrive)


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7 comments on “KBT Pro V1.1 is on its way to the USA!
  1. Ramesh Mantha says:

    I have been eagerly waiting for the KBTalking Pro with MX brown switches. Please let me know when it is available so I can order.
    Ramesh Mantha

  2. The Chris says:

    I agree. I see the value version being available, but I haven’t seen any information on the Pro.


    • andy says:

      Sorry, only Value edition is available right now and they are running low too. The factory makes them in batches and unfortunately we do not have enough demand to justify another production run on the PRO.

      • lairdb says:

        There’s no demand when there’s no supply — I would order at least one, maybe two, in an instant… except for one major and one minor deal-killer:

        – No product on hand, no promise date, no estimate.

        – Keyboard is covered in cartoons. (Seriously, in your Matias comparison you say “Appearance: Classic / traditional / professional”. Were you just laughing as you typed that?)

  3. David Tanner says:

    So only Value editions will be available in the future? I see they are sold out now. When do you think they’ll be shipping again?

  4. Thomas Riley says:

    I JUST learned about this product and desperately want one of the PRO versions.

    Is there any news on another production run?

  5. John Pierce says:

    I’d like to put my name in the hat a Pro.

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