KBtalKing Pro – The Ultimate Input Device

With the release of the KBtalKing Pro Wireless Multi-Pairing Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Switchable Wired USB, the unmatched feel and control of a high quality mechanical keyboard can now be used as an input device for any computer, including PCs, Macs, as well as just about ANY Bluetooth smart device such as iphones, ipads, android devices, notebooks and more.

Until now, Bluetooth keyboards have been aimed at being portable and therefore feels plastic-ky and uninspired to the touch. Mechanical keyboards on the other hand have been restricted by wires, and mainly limited to controlling desktop computers.

By combining mechanical keyboard and multi-pairing Bluetooth connectivity together, it is now possible to enjoy the superior typing feel of mechanical key switches on multiple computers as well as with portable smart devices such as iphones, ipads, Android devices, and even a PS3.

KBtalKing Pro 45 degree shot    KBtalKing Pro Front Shot     KBtalKing Pro Back panel

Furthermore, the patent-pending multi-pairing technology allows for instant switching between a PC/Mac (via USB) and any of the paired Bluetooth devices. “Once you use the KBtalKing Pro to control just about every gadget you own, you will never go back to the time-wasting ways of operating them individually” said Andy Chen, Marketing Director of KBtalKing USA. “This command-central keyboard will change the way you use your smart devices. Forever.

KBtalKing Pro - Windows key disable, Caps/Ctrl swap, WASD/Arrow swap      KBtalKing Pro - Noodle/Cooking Timer & Healthy/Hourly Break Timer     KBtalKing Pro - Device Mode Selection, PC shortcut keys & Bluetooth device slots

Keyboard Specifications:

Product Name: KBtalKing Pro

Number of Keys: US ANSI 108

Keyboard Type: Mechanical

Keyswitches: Top quality Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown keyswitches



Plate Mounted Keyswitches: All keyswitches are mounted securely on metal plate which goes on top of the dual-layer PCB for best feel and durability.

KBtalKing Pro uses plate-mounted keyswitches

Plate-mounted keyswitches



Standard Keycaps – Laser Etched White Characters on Black ABS Plastic (UV Coated)
Black on Black Keycaps (Limited edition) – Laser Engraved Black Characters on Black ABS Plastic (UV Coated)



Circuit Board (PCB): Dual-layer circuit board for ultimate durability and solder strength, virtually eliminating loose keyswitch problems.



Interface: USB / Bluetooth 3.0

Anti-ghosting:  6-key simultaneous input in any combination without conflict/interference (Tested in both USB & Bluetooth mode).

Exclusive Technology: Multi-Pairing Bluetooth (10 devices) with switchable USB connection

Power source: Either USB-powered if connected to PC/Mac or battery powered (2 x AA) if all devices have Bluetooth HID support.

Battery life: Approximately 1000+ hours. (3 hours/day x 365 days)

Included Accessories: Mobile device stand (collapsible), Mac style keycaps w/keycap puller, USB cable, user guide


87 comments on “KBtalKing Pro – The Ultimate Input Device
  1. Frank says:

    If this was 10 keyless or HHKB, I’d buy it in a second!

  2. scooternva says:

    Came here from the Gizmodo article. I am a longtime user of clicky keyboards. I own two Unicomp UB404G6 keyboards and a genuine IBM Model M that you’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands, but I have longed for a Bluetooth keyboard with the same delicious tactile feel of my IBM and Unicomp keyboards. If you can deliver this with Cherry MX Blue keys, you’ve got a customer in me.

    • andy says:

      Great! Cherry MX Blues are for you die-hard IBM Model M aficionados who like them super clicky! We knew you’re out there, so we planned 20% of our upcoming inventory to be MX Blues! Just be sure to specify the special request for the MX BLUES when you pre-order (otherwise they will be the generally-loved Cherry MX REDs). If any of your friends also want them with the Cherry MX BLUEs, tell them to lock in the order soon because they are sold on a first come, first served basis!

  3. futaris says:

    What is the weight of this keyboard with batteries?

  4. futaris says:

    Also, is there any chance of this using Bluetooth 4.0?

    • andy says:

      @Futaris: The KBtalKing Pro uses BT 3.0. I’ve tested it with countless systems and BT dongles and so far all worked flawlessly (2.0-4.0). And since we’re not dealing with transmitting large amounts of data/files, even BT 2.0 would have sufficed. As for pairing, it seems dongles or systems with BT 2.1 and up do not require confirmation and is paired almost automatically. Some BT 2.0 dongles I’ve tried simply generated a numerical number on the computer screen for me to confirm on the KBtalKing Pro keyboard. One extra step. Iphone 4S which uses BT 4.0 paired up nicely right away, demonstrating the backwards compatibility of its BT 4.0.

      As for shipping to Australia, USPS.com looks to be around $52 USD using a 4 lb shipping weight and estimated dimensions. Due to relatively high shipping costs to Australia, it might be a good idea to gather up a few orders in your area (if you are able) and ship it together as it will surely bring the cost down significantly. Contact us via email if you are interested in a possible reseller/group order setup.

      • >since we’re not dealing with transmitting large amounts of data/files, even BT 2.0 would have sufficed

        If I had only BT 2.0, I would not buy it: BT 2.0 is too easy to eavesdrop on.

        • andy says:

          @Richard – Good point! Thus I would hope everyone has BT 2.1 and above by now. We’ll be sure to note somewhere in the specs and user guide that if people are using BT 2.0, they should be aware of the less secure nature of it.

          From what I understand, it seems that BT 2.0 also has encryption but is optional and can be inactive, whereas 2.1 and above encryption is mandatory and always on.


        • Simon says:

          I would only ever go for a bluetooth keyboard if it also has the ability to (only) use wired connection too. That search is how I found this page from Google. I don’t mind eavesdroppers / sniffers from capturing pages of WWWWWWWAAASDDDDDD but I definitely don’t want http://www.internetbanking.com¶account>password appearing in the keylog of some script-kiddie who lives next door!

          • andy says:

            @Simon: Glad you found us. To address the BT security, I might need to research this more, but in a nutshell, it has up to 128 bit encryption built in, using a pass phrase of some sort, so it is not nearly as vulnerable as one may think. Again, this is a good topic and we plan to devote a post/page to delve into this further. Thanks for bringing it up!

  5. Ryan Lester says:

    Is there any chance of you offering a tenkeyless model? I’m in love with my Model M at my desktop, but a tenkeyless KBtalKing with MX Blues would be brilliant while on the go.

  6. Jo says:

    Any chances of a version with back-lit keys?

    Also, in my personal case, My PC is connected to a set of monitors in my study where I do my serious work, but it is also connected to my TV nearby where I watch videos and play the occasional game. Can I have this connected to USB when I’m in my study (to save the battery) and paired with Bluetooth when I’m on the couch, without it giving me headaches?

    • andy says:

      Back-lit features is going to be built into the next model, a tenkeyless, with USB port that accepts your favorite mouse!

      As for switching from wired to wireless mode, yes, you can switch back and forth anytime, even while USB is plugged in. So another words when you want to take it to the couch, you just unplug the USB cord, take the KB with you to the couch, and press (Fn)+any BT slot to switch to whatever device you want, including the BT connection of the same computer you had previously connected via USB. Hope that makes sense.

      • Nen says:

        It would be awesome if you could pair an Apple Magic Trackpad to a tenkeyless model your keyboard and have all the gesture goodness along with it.

        • andy says:

          @Nen: Yes, on the up and coming model which will be a tenkeyless, backlit, and have a USB port which you can connect a wire or wireless mouse to and switch between devices as the keyboard switches between devices.

  7. Gus says:

    I’m in for a tenkeyless, Cherry Blues version. How early next year do you think it will be available?

    • andy says:

      @Gus: Not sure 100% on the tenkeyless ETA, but we’re aiming to have it all ready before the 1st half of the year. It’ll also be on kickstarter. More info to come.

  8. J says:

    I’d love a tenkeyless for gaming on my HTPC. A tenkeyless with black/reds or even browns, backlit keys is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I have been searching forever for this. Sound like you are planning this exact keyboard early next year?

    If so, I’m going to slow down my search and wait for you guys to drop that.


  9. J says:

    I forgot to add, what is the range on these? I’ll be sitting about 10 feet away from the computer with the tenkeyless.

    • andy says:

      I’ve been 30 ft away with no problems. Of course, it may vary a little depending on your BT receiver/device and possible interference in the room.

      • J says:

        Yeah, that should be plenty. As long as it is low latency and nkro, I think it would be a hit with the HTPC crowd. Real nice for gaming. I’m currently using a Microsoft Arc and a Logitech k800 (too big), and they work well for low latency, reception and key rollover–but the keys leave a lot to be desired…

  10. J says:

    Btw, I was reading that Bluetooth 4.0 has much better latency compared to older bluetooth technology.

    Looks like it’s 6ms latency while older tech is >100ms.


    • andy says:

      Thanks for sharing the latency info on BT 4.0! I will check and see what I find out. I hope it would be as well. Will at least put it in as a suggestion to the engineers.

      • J says:

        Awesome. Cause to be honest, it sounds like Bluetooth Low Energy (the low latency part of Bluetooth 4.0) is a must for gamers. Not only that, but it offers other great benefits with low energy!

        I really hope the engineers decide to make the switch. I would think it would be one of the easier things to change.

        Thanks again for all the responses.

  11. J says:

    Andy, I know someone asked about any chance of Bluetooth 4.0 on this current board and you said no go. But is there any chance of Bluetooth 4.0 with it’s lower latency/lower power on the tenkeyless version?


  12. DM says:

    Eagerly awaiting the TK-less version (TK versions cause pain in my mouse-shoulder). Awesome that it will also run a mouse, for those of us with limited ports. And mac/pc switchable is the deal-maker for me. Please retain the option to run it wired/wireless.

    I know it would complicate production, stocking & pricing, but any colour options other than “goth-black” would be awesome. Especially for those of us whose homes / office decor don’t match the “teenage-gamer” aesthetic. [joking, gamers– love ya! …but enough of the blackblackblack].

    • andy says:

      Yes, we are considering white and/or blue. I personally think white would be a perfect choice. Will keep you all updated as more info is released!

  13. W says:

    Will you guys have Mac keycaps for sale as well?

    • andy says:

      Well, every unit comes with 4 Mac keycaps you can swap out to the same layout as the Mac keyboard, and then you just press Fn+Volume up to enter Mac mode to get the correct mapping and voila, you got yourself a Mac layout keyboard!

  14. Charlie Callow says:

    Would love a TK-less one with Bluetooth 4.0 & a UK keyboard layout. Would also like the option of Linux key caps to replace the windows keys like on the WASD mechanical keyboards.

    • andy says:

      @Charlie: Since we are not able to customize these keyboards to order, if any alternative keycaps are needed, we suggest going on ebay or any online shop like wasdkeyboards.com to customize to your liking. And if any remapping is desired, you can do so in Windows. TenKeyLess is coming in 2013. It will have BT 3.0 for the time being.

      • Yanis says:

        Hi 🙂

        If you make a Tkless, backlit, BT 4.0, It will be mine in a sec ! I’ve been waiting somthing like this for so long !

        It’s for gaming purpose, and I just read that BT 4.0 has 100ms)

        Bye 🙂

  15. Barkin says:

    Hey man great product! how much would it take to get it shipped to turkey? and also 9.95 is for anywhere in the continental US right? (if it includes NJ, im not so familiar with US geography :P)

    • andy says:

      @Barkin: Yes, continental US does include NJ. But heck, we even ship to Hawaii and Alaska (not continental/contiguous) for the same price, even though it cost us more. As for shipping to Turkey, it would be $51.09 so if you pay for the order online, we would just charge you an additional $41.14.

  16. Poom says:

    Would it be possible to buy a black on black version with the brown switch? Thank you

  17. Fmoritz says:

    Right on time!

    Most companies that do pre-orders on hardware almost always have set backs. But NOT KBtalking!

    This beast has a very solid design and feel. And I know if there’s every Zombie Apocalypse, I can count it as weapon to fight with and still be able type with!!!


  18. George says:

    I like the keyboard but I’m a little disappointed that the wide keys feel mushy due to the mechanism used. They don’t have the characteristic tactile feel that you would expect the MX blues to have.

    • andy says:

      George: Although we use the more costly Cherry type (satellites) stabilizers rather than the cheaper “slappy” metal bar type stabilizers on the bigger/longer keys, they aren’t normally considered “mushy”. If it’s a particular key that feels “mushy”, it is possible that a keycap is too tight due to slightly off mounting. You can try removing that keycap, then carefully reinstall it to see if it feels more precise.

  19. RohitK says:

    Hey Andy,

    You replied to someone above in November saying that you guys were working on a TKL backlit version. Is that still true? This looks like the next keyboard I’m buying, but I need a backlit wireless one. Any ETA?

    Keep up the great work!

    • andy says:

      Yes the TKL backlit board is definitely in the works and we are working on a big launch for it. Due to the complexity involved to do it right, it looks like the earliest we’ll have it ready for sale is by the end of this year. You’ll hear more about it as we update it. We are still in top secret mode until they release more information. =)

  20. Nicholas says:

    Get on to it and release that TKL beast already :).. its been a long wait

    • Poom says:

      I second Nicolas here, please please release the TKL. I’m loving the Pro V1.1 but a TKL form factor is just so much sexier!

      Give us some updates, some pictures would be very much welcome.

      and even better if you guys would also release a TKL board with topre switches.

  21. doo says:

    Are you going to update the ten key version with backlighting and BT4.0?

    • andy says:

      TKL version is still not finalized, but so far it’ll be backlit and have BT 3.0 as 4.0 may not be as stable/proven like 3.0 is so we will likely stick with what’s stable for most users.

      • Yanis says:

        Hi Andy,

        I agree on that, but I think there is a huge decrease in latency on BT 4.0 ?

        I’m looking for a mechanical TKL backlit keyboard for gaming purpose. I think if this one has it all, I’ll be one of the first on the pre-order list 🙂


  22. Poom says:

    Hi Andy, Looking at the PCB, it seems to me like the arrow keys are LED ready! is that correct? i see resistors through holes and all.

    also can I open up the switches without desoldering? some keys developed “stickyness” so I might want to lubricate them or even change to with clear stems. to be the world’s first Ergo-Clears bluetooth keyboard (as far as I am aware of)

    • andy says:

      @Poom: The PCB is designed to accept LED switches as well as regular Cherry switches. As for cleaning a switch, I’d suggest removing the keycap to expose the switch, and then perhaps using a rubbing alcohol dipped cotton swab, work it around the openings of the switch and press the key repeatedly and see if that would do the trick. I would advise against trying to remove anything unless you’ve opened switches before.

      • Poom says:

        Hi Andy, thanks for the reply, I actually just finished soldering all the switches back, I changed the springs to custom Korean 62g springs and lubricated with Krytox mixture of grease and oil, and uses MX Clear stems.

        but the best of all… i painted the case Yellow! im going to put lacquer then buff it up later, I might send you pictures of it later, lol. I guess I voided the guarantee?

        by the way any updates of the Tenkeyless??

        • andy says:

          @Poom: Ehh, yes, that definitely voids the warranty, but you have yourself a cool-ass keyboard! Feel free to send us some pics and/or video of your custom board and we’ll feature it on our site! Better yet, if you are on some of those keyboard sites, do a review of it their and help us get the word out while showing off your uniquely cool gear. =) TKL is still in the works and we are looking at early next year release.

  23. Trash Boat says:

    Is there a wait list I can get on? I want cherry mx blues.

    • andy says:

      @Trash Boat: Working on the pre-order stuff for the KBT Pro Value Edition, which will only come in Blues and Browns. Check back in a few days and it should be ready! Thx

  24. Grant says:

    Do you have any idea what the price point will be on the TKL version? I am just wondering if it will be less than the current value edition or not. Thanks!

  25. Mike says:

    I just made this amazing discovery! Tactile and bluetooth together! *happy*. I love my Model M but my iPad and notebook don’t. 😉

    But how long do you expect the standard white on black (with MX Blue) to be sold out? I wish I had been here a year ago. Or I may hold on until there’s a white or (please?) a vintage off-white version that will look a bit more like my 1980 IBM?

    Either way, my finger is hovering over the Order button. Just not thrilled with black on black. And I like my 10-keys.

    I’m so happy I just want to throw money at you. Thanks!

    • andy says:

      Check out the Value Edition that is on pre order now. MX Blue or Brown, with White on Black keycaps. Should be exactly what you’re looking for.

      • Mike says:

        Probably will if there’s no sign of a white keyboard coming anytime soon. It’s only $30 less so if a white 10key is in the future I’d wait.

        Single layer vs. dual layer PCB? Does it really matter?

        • andy says:

          We basically got rid of some of the bragging rights features on the Value Edition to help make it more affordable. Most people will not be able to tell the difference in usage and feel. In theory, dual layer is more durable over a long, long period of time than single layer, but no you cannot tell the difference. Plenty of mechanical keyboards use single layer PCB and have no problems. White on black Value Edition will most likely satisfy your need. Unless you are looking for an all white keyboard? We only made one sample of that and it is not for sale. Sorry. 😉

          • m00n4 says:

            All I can say is … FINALLY tkl machanical wireless keyboard, WITH BACKLIT KEYS! HOWEVER, I have been reading about ps4 controller in the bellow thread. What concerns me is the possibility of the kbt tkl backlit mechanical dream keyboard using a high latency bt version. Anyone care to share any information? well I guess i’ll read reviews anyway and if it is as responsive as a ps controller… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  26. Dave Spedzia says:

    My KBtalKing didn’t come with a mobile device stand.

    • andy says:

      If you look at the product description, sometime earlier this year, the factory stopped shipping the device stands and thus we had to change our product page as well.

  27. Brian says:

    Any word on when the original pro edition (mxblue) will be in stock?

    • andy says:

      Exact ETA of the original Pro edition is unknown. But the factory in Taiwan is planning to make more perhaps toward the end of the year.

  28. Samuel says:

    This looks great! Like many of the people who like clicky keys, I do love the MX Blue, but may love MX Green even more. They’re even more clicky. But so hard to find, I haven’t actually tried them.

    I think there is a strong demand and almost no supply of MX Greens, and I think it would be profitable for the company who offers them. You could even charge more.

  29. Nicholas says:

    TenKeyLess with Cherry Black/Red FTW. Since this keyboard is about connecting to multitude of devices, the TenKeyLess look at pronto as it is better suited for mobility than a full size one..

  30. Samir says:

    Finally! After searching forever for a ps2 to bluetooth converter so I could use my IBM M with my HP touchpad, someone just make something that’s built for the job. 🙂

    Now, two questions. One, If I love the feel of an IBM M, what’s a Cherry blue feel like? Two, when will the original ones with blues be back in stock?

    • andy says:

      Samir, sorry still no ETA on original ones but the Blues are clicky and tactile. Much like the IBM M but perhaps not as loud and tactile as the M. New shipment of the Value edition is scheduled to arrive this week to the USA.

  31. Valerie says:

    Any news on the tenkeyless models?

  32. Simon says:

    Hi there,

    Your keyboard looks amazing! I am very excited to buy one in the near future. The only feature I might be missing is backlit keys. Would it be worth my while to wait until Q1 2014? Is there anything new on the horizon worth holding out a little longer for?


  33. Andrew K. says:

    Is there ANY chance that some boards could be assembled using MX Green switches?
    The blues are a bit too light for both my wife and I.
    (For those who feel greens are too heavy, they should really try typing on something like an Underwood standard typewriter.)
    Of course I would be willing to pay a premium – up to twice the going rate.

  34. Marcus says:

    Hi there,
    any update on the TKL?

  35. Finch says:

    Still waiting on an ETA for the tenkeyless version. Please let us know!!! Thank you.

  36. Daniel says:

    I’m considering a microsoft surface pro 3 for my next replacement laptop (since it’s one of the few portables out there with a sensible screen aspect ratio – mmmmm beautiful 3:2).

    I know I’m going to want a nice keyboard to haul around with it for when I’m getting stuck into writing code and this keyboard of yours looks *fantastic*. What would be *perfect* though would be a ten-keyless version of this same keyboard – with the standard layout of cursors and home/end/pgup/pgdn/del/end. Then it’d fit into a bag just that bit more easily. Pare it down at the edges just like the filco tenkeyless majestitouch and it’d be a winner! 🙂

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