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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Bluetooth connectivity generally secure enough to use in public?
A: Yes. In short, transmissions are encrypted so whatever is picked up over the air cannot be read until it arrives to the other side and is decrypted. See this Wikipedia article for details.

Q: Does this keyboard connect to multiple devices at the same time?
A: No. It connects to one device at a time and you would switch between the multiple devices (up to 10 Bluetooth devices and one USB device/computer) almost instantaneously with the press of keystroke combinations.

Q: Where is the USB cord, Mac keycaps, and the keycap puller tool?
A: They are inside the front compartment inside the box.

Q: How come the Caps Lock and NumLk LED lights aren’t lighting up?
A: To converse battery, LED lights only light up in USB powered mode. When in any Bluetooth mode, the LEDs will not light up by design.

Q: What does the on/off switch actually turn on/off?
A: The power switch basically turns the battery on or off when USB is NOT plugged in and using 100% wireless mode. When in USB mode, the keyboard is USB powered, and to further ensure no power usage/leak, be sure to turn it off when plugged in USB. You will still be able to use all the BT connectivity with the power switch in the off position while plugged in to USB.

Q: The keyboard seems dead or does not respond to anything?
A: The keyboard may be in “LOCK” mode. Simply press (Fn) + Minus sign on Number pad to toggle between locked and unlocked status.

Important – How to tell if keyboard is locked or unlocked:
When keyboard is NOT locked, Pressing (Fn)+Any slot not currently active will cause the Numlk to flash once. For example, press (Fn)+7, then wait a second, press (Fn)+8, you will see the Numlk flash once each time you switch back and forth.

The Numlk will NOT flash if you are already on a particular BT slot and you try to switch to it again.

When you try to pair when keyboard is locked, it will let you pair, but it will pair the BT slot you were last using before the lock. Attempts to switch BT slots will not work while keyboard is locked (and you can see that numlk does not flash when attempting to switch a BT slot). This can cause you to think pairing a new device keeps on overwriting an old device, etc.

Q: It seems that some of the special functions aren’t working
A: Make sure immediately after you have paired a device, that you select the appropriate device mode for it so that all the special functions available to that device properly maps on the keyboard.

For example, you have just paired your Android phone successfully to BT slot 7. Before using it, be sure to press (Fn)+(Volume down key/Android) which now tells the keyboard that BT slot 7 is an Android and therefore needs to be mapped accordingly.

Q: Is there a Master Reset to wipe everything at once and start over?
A: Yes. Press Fn + Reset Button together for 3+ seconds. Release.

Q: Will this work on a Mac running Windows (ie Bootcamp)?
A: Yes, but not without some special steps as described below since there will be some initial conflicts with the dual software setup.

There are two ways to get rid of the conflict:

1) Use two BT receivers. Reserve one for Windows and one (likely the built in one) for Mac.

2) If you want to use the internal BT receiver of a Mac in a Bootcamp type of environment and have proper BT pairing on BOTH systems, here’s how to do it:
1. In OSX, proceed to pair KBT Pro, change the device name to something different, then delete it.
2. In Bootcamp, pair the KBT Pro. It should pair successfully now.
3. Go back to OSX, proceed to pair. Now it should be successful in both systems, and the BT slots will be the same in both systems.

Q: The keyboard occasionally “repeats” certain keys on its own while typing. What causes it and is there a solution to this issue?
A: The “repeat” issue is caused by Bluetooth interference which seem to have appeared randomly in certain user environment. In the event you run into this issue, try any or all of the steps below:

1) Be sure to install the latest driver update for the BT receiver on your computer. We’ve seen BT drivers on a computer that appears to “jam up” the KBT Pro and causing connect/disconnect issues with not only the computer, but other devices as well. Once the update was installed, all of the connect-disconnect problems went away.

2) Try getting the computer’s BT dongle or receiver close to the desktop and closer to the keyboard to minimize interference. Try a few different positions. You’d be surprised how big of a difference this can make.

3) Use 100% new AA batteries. We’ve noticed a direct correlation between weak batteries and “key repeat” frequency. If you insist on using 1/2 full batteries, definitely try moving the BT dongle closer to the KBT Pro if possible.

4) Reconfigure your wireless router (2.4ghz type especially) to use a different channel. For example, if you were using Channel 11, try another channel that is far away from Channel 11, like Channel 1.

5) Try a different BT dongle (even cheap $5 or $10 ones) as some of them out there just don’t work that well (Broadcom chips have been tested to work very well).

This BT repeat issue is a known issue found in other BT keyboards as well (do a google search for “bluetooth keyboard repeat” and you’ll see it’s kind of a random problem even the big companies aren’t able to solve). There are multiple variables involved. While it may not be eliminated completely for some user environments, you can minimize its occurrence with the above steps. In any event, the updated V1.1 firmware released after March 1st, 2013 will further minimize this type of inference over all.

32 comments on “KBtalKing Pro – FAQ
  1. Logout says:

    I bought a v1.0 KBT pro several months ago, and I can’t totally eliminated the key repeating issue.

    So I’m wondering is there any chance that I can update the firmware to 1.1 by myself?

    • andy says:

      The V1.1 firmware is available as a mail in only process due to the equipment needed for the update and the delicate procedure involved. We will announce it here once it’s ready and you will be able to submit a request for the mail in program.

      FYI, if you google “Bluetooth keyboard repeat” you’ll see that this is a known issue inherent with Bluetooth and occurs in other keyboards as well, including Apple, Logitech, and more. Our V1.1 uses proprietary methods to minimize the probability of this happening.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Do you plan to sell this keyboard in the UK? If so, when would that be?
    Many thanks

    • andy says:

      @Ronnie: Actually we already do ship to the UK. You can do the checkout process right from the site and the shipping is automatically calculated.

  3. Graham says:

    1. Do you include a Bluetooth Dongle in the box (for desktop computer), if not, which one to you recommend for use with the keyboard.

    2. Do you ship to South Africa

    • andy says:

      Hi Graham – We don’t include any BT Dongles in the box, but if you need one, we have some that have tested to work well and we just charge $10 to ship it with your order. Just paypal it to payment@kbtalkingusa.com right after your order with a short message requesting our BT Dongle and we’ll ship it with your order.

      Yes we ship worldwide. If you choose South Africa during the check out process (where it says “ship outside of US”) you will see the shipping charge of $48.20 added to the order.

      Feel free to contact us from the contact form anytime for further details.

  4. ithan says:

    how to check the firmware version?

    • andy says:

      I you bought from us directly before February 28th this year, chances are it’s 1.0, and if after, then it’s 1.1 and we apologize but the factory is having problems getting the firmware update kit to us for the mail-in firmware upgrade service to be even possible.

      • Mark says:

        Any update on the v1.1 firmware update kit mail-in process?

        • andy says:

          @Mark – Since the factory has decided to not let us have the update tools here in the US, they will only update it if customers send it back to Taiwan directly–they will send it back to you at their cost. If you are trying to improve the connectivity/repeat issue, see FAQ section on it and follow the steps as they work well on both v1.0 and v1.1. If you are willing to try the mail-in process to Taiwan, drop us a note under the support page and we will give you the info needed to make that happen.

  5. Martin says:

    Do you know when the MX Blue will be in stock again?

    I’ve heard some Bluetooth dongles have the “HID” feature (human interface device) and in those cases the Bluetooth keyboard should work even during BIOS, bootloader screens, etc.

    Can you test/confirm that the keyboard will work in a PC’s BIOS screens? At least in wired USB mode? Secondly in wireless Bluetooth mode?

    • andy says:

      @Martin: It might take a few more months due to factory production schedules out of our control. However, the KBtalKing Pro Value Edition coming out soon (pre-order page coming soon), will have plenty of each switch type.

      As for BIOS access, yes, in USB mode you can definitely access BIOS. As for a BT dongle that allows you to do this in wireless/BT mode, I am not aware of it, but if your MB and dongle allows for it and you can set this up somehow, more power to you!

  6. Ryan says:

    Will your bluetooth keyboards work with Windows RT? Am looking for something to pair to a Surface RT to use just for MS Office writing. Also, what are the estimated ship dates on the value pro edition?

  7. Yoon says:

    I’m wondering if I order KBT PRO VALUE now, will it be shipped on 12/04/2013?

  8. John Le says:


    I’m very interested in a wireless mechanical keyboard, one that is backlit, and most important of all, a 60% keyboard. I believe the most attractive wireless keyboard form factor is a minimalistic one.
    Are you guys be producing one by any chance? If not, please do!

  9. David Parry says:

    Already bought 5 of these for my team.

    Would totally love a backlit version.

    Also, still getting random disconnect/reconnects. I thought this was fixed in 1.1?

    • andy says:

      @David – The new model under development (TKL with TK option) will have backlit keys. As for the issue you speak of most likely caused by BT interference, we’ve found that by having a shorter distance between the keyboard and the BT dongle/device along with FRESH alkaline batteries really makes a difference in minimizing these issues. V1.1 shortened the duration of these interferences when they arise. Hope that helps.

  10. Trae Watkins says:

    Is it possible to get the 1.2 firmware on the original KBT Pro 1.

    The only thing that I have HATED since day one was the lack of an option for caps lock and num-lock.

    I would even be willing to ship it in to get it updates if I had to.

  11. Phil Branson says:

    Is there a way to make NUMLOCK on when KB wakes? Now it seems to default to NUMLOCK off.

  12. chen says:

    I have a kbt pro 108-key bluetooth keyboard, but there is no user-manual in the case, and i don’t know how to use this keyboard.
    Can you help me? Thanks!

  13. Shane says:

    How do we detect the version of firmware? 1.0 or 1.1. I didn’t remember the version. BUt I do have the repeating problem. Now I am relying on the wired mode.

    • andy says:

      Later firmwares may shorten the repeat time but does not eliminate it if you have it and the factory has not made it possible for us to do any kind of updates. Please see the FAQ section (last one before comments, namely solutions 1-3). The BT dongle/receiver location in relation to the Keyboard and battery strength is KEY when in a user environment that is prone to “repeat”, which is an interference issue. http://kbtalkingusa.com/kbtalking-pro-faq/

  14. Ron says:

    Does it come with a usb Bluetooth dongle for the PC? Or do I need to purchase that separately? When is the next shipment going to be?

  15. Shawn Oakley says:

    Can we receive an update on whether any of the kbtalking models will be available again in 2014? Also, whatever happened to the proposed TKL model? I’m ready to buy something and have asked for notification and checked the website many times… never any luck.

  16. What version of Bluetooth does the keyboard use? There are several standards out there, including the latest, version 4.1, which supports low-energy operation.

  17. Bill says:

    I want one. The latest post on your board above is 8 months ago. What’s happening? Your web page just says “Sold Out” and “Sign up to get email notification”. That’s not terribly encouraging. When will you be able to take orders again, what software version will be in the new keyboards, what new features will be supported, what bugs will be fixed?


  18. Hernan says:

    Is this website still active?

  19. CHung, SangHo says:

    Hi? Anybody knows mechanical bluetooth keyboard which has the function of “Multi paring & switching by button” except KBTalking Pro?

    I followed the link for,

    USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Soft Linear Action Bluetooth Keyboard FFBT67MRL/EB

    But, I am not sure above keyboard has “Multi pairing” and “Switching by the combination of bottons for 10 devices”.

    Please someone confirm about it.

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