KBtalKing Pro Origami

The user guide card of the KBtalKing Pro is also a fun piece of art. The cutouts allow you to build an origami squirrel holding a functional calendar for you desktop.

If you haven’t tried building it or got stuck in the process, here’s what it should look like:


Took me about 20 minutes while watching TV.!

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3 comments on “KBtalKing Pro Origami
  1. Chris says:

    Im the handicapped guy that keeps writing to you because I never got an answer – how long is it going to ner before you release an MX Blue keycap board that also has backlighting and the mac keys already installed — what is it going to cost and when will i be able to preorder one? Im a bedbound writer so three things are important to me:

    -the keycaps be MX Blues
    -the keys have backlighting
    -and you install the proper keys to make it a mac keyboard for me so that i dont have to do it myself.

    if its going to be more than six months time may force me to buy the mac version of the das keyboard.

    Thank you,

    • andy says:

      Chris, our site was down along with the email for a few days due to server outage and capacity issues. We are back. As per the last email to you on Nov 8th, I related the following: “I’d love to do that for you (install and test with mac keys and setup), however we don’t have a backlit model for sale yet. And when we do next year, it would be on a new model that is TKL with an optional attachable tenkey. At that time we will be able to provide you what you are looking for. Thanks for reaching out. We will keep you updated!” The ETA is still uncertain, we are still hoping for the first quarter of 2014. Hope that clears things up!

  2. Trevor says:

    I feel like I’m late to the show but iv been looking for a keyboard like this full or ten keyless as long as its back lit so i can see in the dark. Whats the eta on the build?

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