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Updated on: 01/19/2013

User’s guide card in the box didn’t quite do it for ya? Here’s (almost) everything you need to know about the KBtalKing Pro.

*** Watch this first!!! ***

1) Important Concepts

  • Battery Powered Mode (100% wireless): Needs 2 x AA batteries – Power switch must be in “on” position
  • USB powered Mode: Can operate all functions (including Bluetooth) without batteries if plugged into main computer as a USB keyboard – Power switch should be in “off” position to conserve battery (if batteries are installed).
  • Select a Device: Press Fn + “desired device slot”on number pad (Bluetooth 0-9, Enter/USB), then release both keys.
  • Pair a BT Device: Press the RESET button and release–Whichever BT slot you have previously selected and is currently in, is the BT slot which will enter into “pairing mode” once you press & release this RESET button. NumLk will flash, indicating “pairing mode”.
  • Master Reset: Hold Fn+Reset button for 3 seconds. This erases all BT pairing information on the keyboard. But be sure to also delete any instances of KBT Pro in your device’s Bluetooth device settings before attempting to pair again.
  • Lock Mode: Fn+”-” (minus) on number pad toggles keyboard LOCK MODE (child/intruder proof). (Note: For Value Edition hold Fn+”-” for 4 seconds to activate lock mode)
  • LED Lights: While in battery powered mode (switch in “on” position while USB is disconnected), all the LED lights such as CAPs lock, NumLk, ScrLk, will cease to light up. This is designed to preserve battery life. The NumLk will still flash if you are pairing or switching devices. NOTE: For KBtalKing Pro Value Edition, with firmware V1.2 you get to decide if you want the LEDs (namely NumLk and CapsLk LEDs) working or not in battery mode, in order to save battery. Simply press Fn+CapsLk to toggle in and out of this mode while powered by battery with USB NOT connected.

Lock Mode: Press Fn+”-” (minus) on number pad toggles in and out of keyboard LOCK MODE (child/intruder proof). Note: For KBtalKing Pro Value Edition or anything with firmware V1.2 and up, hold Fn+”-” for 4 seconds to activate lock mode–this is to prevent accidental activation of lock mode. To exit simply press Fn+”-” and release immediately. 

LED Lights: While in battery powered mode (power switch “ON” while USB is disconnected), all the LED lights such as CAPs lock, NumLk, ScrLk, will cease to light up. This is designed to preserve battery life. The NumLk will still flash if you are pairing or switching devices. NOTE: For KBtalKing Pro Value Edition or anything with firmware V1.2 and up, you get to decide if you want the LEDs (namely NumLk and CapsLk LEDs) working or not while in battery mode (to save battery). Simply press Fn+CapsLk to toggle in and out of this mode while powered by battery (USB NOT connected) and having selected a BT device slot paired to a PC/Mac computer.

2) To Use as a Standard USB Keyboard

  • Connect the supplied USB cable between the KBtalKing Pro to your computer (PC or Mac). Make sure your computer says device is found and ready to use.
  • Press Fn+Enter (on number pad) to select USB as the device you want KBtalKing Pro to control.
  • Press Fn+Mute for PC mode, or Fn+VolUp for iOS/Mac mode — This maps the keyboard for the respective OS and gives you OS specific functions unique to that OS. The OS mode selected will now be remembered for the USB device slot until you change it to something else in the future.
  • ***IMPORTANT*** If USB connection seems okay with computer but you get no response, then most likely 1) you haven’t selected USB as the active device (press Fn+Enter on number pad), or 2) the keyboard is in LOCK MODE (press Fn+Minus on number pad to toggle in and out of this mode).

3) Pairing a Bluetooth Device

  • Make sure USB cable is connected between keyboard and computer, in which case no battery is needed and power switch can even be in the “off” position.
  • If not connected via USB, make sure keyboard has good alkaline batteries (2xAA) and power switch in “on” position.
  • Press Fn + Desired Bluetooth Slot (0-9 on number pad. For example, slot “7”). Now Release both keys. The NumLk will flash once indicating you have selected this slot. Note: The NumLk will only flash once if you were previously NOT in this slot. If you were already in this slot, the NumLk will not flash–The single flash indicates a successful switching between slots.

KBtalKing Pairing Process FN + 7

  • Now press the “Pair/Reset Button” and release it (located on the back of the keyboard, next to the power switch).

KBtalKing Pro Pair / Reset Button

  • Now the blue light on the Numlck  key will flash continuously. The keyboard is now in pairing mode for the chosen BT slot, and is able to be discovered by your Bluetooth device.
  • Follow instructions on your Bluetooth device in order to find/discover “KBtalking Pro” and proceed with pairing according to your device.

Note: If device is BT 2.0, you may need to enter a series of numbers (use number keys and enter key on main keyboard, not the number pad). On devices with Bluetooth 3.0 and above, the pairing will complete without the need to enter any codes.

  • When done successfully, the NumLk LED light will cease to flash. Now the connected device is ready to be controlled by the KBtalKing Pro keyboard. For computers, make sure it is completely finished with the device installation process. Now open an application that supports typing on your Bluetooth device, then start typing with the keyboard!

Example: You wish to pair an iPhone 4 and save it in Bluetooth slot associated with the number key “7” on the number pad. Let’s call this slot Bluetooth 7.

1)      Press Fn + “7” on the number pad & release both keys. The NumLk light will flash once if you weren’t already in this slot.
2)      Press pair/reset button on the back of keyboard. Now you see the NumLk light flash continuously.
3)      On iPhone 4, open Settings, Bluetooth, add/scan for device, select KBtalking Pro and proceed to complete pairing. Once paired the NumLk light will cease to flash
4)      Your iPhone 4 is now paired and saved under Bluetooth 7
5)      Press Fn+Volume Up (on number pad). Now Bluetooth 7 slot will be mapped with iOS/Mac mode unless you change it to another mode.
6)     Test functionality by opening an application such as messages or notes and begin typing with the KBtalKing Pro. Enjoy text messaging at FULL TYPING SPEED!


4) Device Selection (Any of 10 Bluetooth devices or USB connected device)

Bluetooth Devices: To select and use a paired Bluetooth device (or the wired USB device), press Fn + desired Device Slot (0-9 or Enter key on number pad), then release both keys. Now type away!

*Tip: Keep your devices’ Bluetooth feature on (or in standby mode) for quickest switching between devices.

*Tip: If you’ve left your keyboard on while in battery mode (switch on), but unused for a while (over 20-30+ minutes), it goes into power saving mode—simply strike any key and give it a few seconds and the keyboard will reconnect with the last-used device. Note: If you are experiencing frequent connect/reconnect issues that happens within just a few minutes, it is likely that you have some kind of Bluetooth power saving turned on in your computer’s Bluetooth device (only some BT controller have this option), and you may need to configure it under device manager–>Bluetooth radio–>Properties.

USB Mode: To select and use the USB connected device, make sure your USB cable is connected between the KBtalKing Pro and your computer (PC or Mac), then switch to it by pressing Fn+Enter (on Number Pad).

5) Choosing OS Specific Modes (Only need to choose once after pairing)

There are three (3) different OS modes: PC, Android, and Mac/iOS. Each mode has special functions made for that mode only.

1)      Select a device slot (see section 4).
2)      Press Fn+desired OS mode — Mute (PC), Volume Down (Android), or Volume Up (IOS/Mac) on the number pad.

Note: Once selected, the active device slot will remember the chosen OS mode in the future. If for some reason you need to select another OS mode, simply do so by pressing Fn + desired OS mode at anytime while in that device slot.

Example: You’ve paired your iPhone to the KBtalKing Pro under Bluetooth 2 (See section 3), and have switched to Bluetooth 2 by pressing FN + 2. Now you will let KBtalKing Pro know that Bluetooth 2 is to use the Mac/iOS mode by pressing FN+ Volume Up, which corresponds to the Mac/iOS mode. Now every time you switch back to Bluetooth2, KBtalKing Pro will automatically enter Mac/iOS mode, so that the keyboard is mapped accordingly, with the unique functions for the Mac/iOS.

6) List of Functions Under Different OS Modes

KBtalKing Pro F1-F12 Function Keys


PC Mode
F1-F12: Same as normal PC functions
Fn+”*” on number pad: Notepad
Fn+”-” (minus) on number pad: Keyboard lock
Fn+”+” (plus) on number pad: Calculator
Fn+”.” (period) on number pad: Task manager


MAC Mode
F1-F12: Same as normal Mac functions

Note: If a Mac will be your main computer, be sure to install the included Mac keycaps the way they are supposed to be laid out on a Mac keyboard. When you select Mac mode (Fn+Volume Up), the keys will be mapped to function just like a regular Mac keyboard. Be sure to install them in this order: alt/option, command, SPACE BAR, command, alt/option.

Mac Keycaps for KBtalKing Pro

Mac Keycaps for KBtalKing Pro


Android Mode
Note: F4 & F8 is disabled (iOS functions only)

KBtalKing Pro Android functions

KBtalKing Pro Android functions

ESC: “back” function
F1: Globe (language/input change)
F2: Home
F3: Search

F5-F7: Audio player controls
F9-F11: Cut, Copy, Paste (respectively)
* If other than English language is used, device must be LIME HD input compatible in order for cut/copy/paste functions to work.
F12: Lock/wake under Android 4.X and up.

IOS Mode:

KBtalKing Pro iOS functions

KBtalKing Pro iOS functions

F1: Globe (language/input change)
F2: Home
F3: Search
F4: Photos

F5-F7: Audio player controls
F8: Hide on screen keyboard
F9-F11: Cut, Copy, Paste (respectively)
F12: lock / wake

7) Special Hotkeys

The KBtalKing Pro features four categories of hotkeys:

Swappable Key Sets:
Caps Lock/Ctrl (for Solaris/Unix users):  Press Fn + Left Ctrl
WASD/Arrow Keys (for gamers): Press Fn + “/” on number pad (the key to the right of NumLk)

Disable Hotkeys:
Windows Key Disable (prevents accidental interruption during gaming): Press Fn + Windows key (Squirrel key)
Keyboard Lock/Disable (locks entire keyboard to prevent unauthorized use): Press Fn + “-” on number pad

Timer Function Keys:
Cooking/food timer (1 minute increments up to 15 minutes): Press Fn + PrtSc
Health/fitness timer (one hour timer with 10 minute break): Press Fn + ScrLk

To cancel either timer: Press Fn + Pause

8) Mac Using Bootcamp to run OSX & Windows

If you want to use the internal BT of a Mac in a Bootcamp type of environment and have proper Bluetooth pairing on BOTH systems, here’s how to do it without hardware conflicts inherent of this dual boot setup:

1.    In OSX, proceed to pair KBT Pro, change the device name to something different then default, then delete the device.
2.    In Bootcamp, pair the KBT Pro. It should pair successfully now.
3.    Go back to OSX, proceed to pair. Now it should be successful in both systems, and the BT slots will be the same in both systems.

14 comments on “KBtalKing Pro Tutorial
  1. Thomas Munn says:

    Lost my mac keycaps. How much for a replacement pair?

    I know you included the mac keycaps with the device, but I seem to have misplaced them. Was wondering how much a replacement would cost?


  2. Phil Levy says:

    Hi, if I pre-order a keyboard with cherry mx blue switches will you be shipping that to me on feb 28th? Is the back-lighting of the keyboard white? Is there an adjustable brightness?
    IF my desktop computer does not currently have bluetooth, how do I install such capability? Thanks.

    • andy says:

      @ Phil Levy: That is the ETA to arrive US shores. We will ship within a couple of business days after we receive our inventory. The KBT Pro does not have backlights. If your computer currently does not have Bluetooth, simply buy a USB Bluetooth dongle at your local store or ebay ($5-$20) and you are good to go. You can also just connect to your computer Via the USB cable (powered by USB), and still control the other devices via Bluetooth.

  3. Dave Spedzia says:

    I turned my instruction manual into the calendar squirrel, which by the way is totally random.
    Having said that what is the indicator on the keyboard that the Food or Health timer have been engaged or have gone off? Also what does Fn+Pause combo do?

    • andy says:

      The health/food timers going off with a flash on the caps lock, at which point the keyboard is locked. Fn+pause will cancel the time/caps flash.

  4. Dave Spedzia says:

    I had a problem with Windows 7 and using the keyboard where pressing the Capslock button kicks a game out of full screen mode. I tracked the problem down to BTTray.exe (the Bluetooth dongle), the on screen indicator for the keys being engaged and disengaged would kick the game out of full screen, this can be disabled via a registry edit.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Widcomm > BTConfig > General > KeyIndication

    Change the value of “KeyIndication” from “1” to “0”


    Problem fixed. This will only be an issue if there is a BT device connected to the PC. I use both wired and wireless on my PC.

    • andy says:

      Dave – Thank you for the detailed write up of your discovery. Hopefully this will help in case someone else encounters the same issue.

  5. Dave Spedzia says:

    I was a bit disappointed that I could not get into my PC’s BIOS with the KBtalKing Pro v1.1 connected via USB. You guys crammed a lot of features into this keyboard but you forgot one important one.
    Am I missing something here?

    • Dave Spedzia says:

      It seems to be working now, I had to make sure that Fn+Enter USB mode was selected.

      • andy says:

        @Dave – Good to hear you got it working. Yes, remember, since this keyboard is meant to control any of up to 11 devices (1 usb, 10 BT), you MUST tell it which one you want to use buy pressing FN+device (0-9 or Enter on keypad).

  6. tan says:

    my “a” “s” “d” “w” “x” became an directional key, what should I do to reset it.

  7. Federico says:

    I love my KBtalking Pro (Value), but sometime it makes me crazy.

    It does not hold the Key-Pressed status.
    This happens randomly 1/6 of times and on all keys (tested with a keboard utility). This is particularly annoing because the “shift” and “ctrl” combinations do not work.

    The starnge thing is that it happens ONLY when I connect via USB. On the same PC, via BT it works perfectly.

    Please help me!

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