KBtalKing Pro vs. Matias Tactile One

There is really only one other mechanical keyboard on the market today that comes close to the KBtalKing Pro in terms of having USB and some kind of Bluetooth connectivity for another computer or BT device. That other keyboard is the Matias Tactile One.


KBtalKing Pro vs. Matias Tactile One


Let’s take a quick look at the features of both keyboards and compare side by side:

KBtalKing Pro Matias Tactile One Verdict
Key Switches Cherry MX switches: Choice of MX Blue, MX Brown & MX Red Alps switches Tie – Preference issue here
Number of Devices 1 USB Computer + 10 Bluetooth Devices 1 USB Computer + 1 Bluetooth Device KBT Pro, for its exclusive Multi-pairing technology. Switch between up to 10 BT devices! Most people are happy with 2-3 BT devices, but one is simply not enough.
Computer OS Supported Windows AND Mac (Built-in device mode changes on the fly) Windows OR Mac (Must choose upon purchase) KBT Pro – For its device-specific hotkeys for each platform. Although Matias has special Mac edition with special symbols only found on Mac keyboards, you have to choose either PC or Mac at the time of purchase.
Bluetooth Devices Supported iOS & Android (Built-in device mode you can change on the fly to fully access platform-specific features). Also will work with most HID supported BT devices. Works with most HID supported BT devices. Generic/basic keyboard functions. KBT Pro – For its and device-specific features with iOS and Android devices.
USB Direct Wired Mode Yes – Detachable USB Wire Yes – Permanent USB Wire Tie – Both connects via USB for accessing BIOS and direct, zero delay gaming experience. KBT Pro’s detachable wire adds a bit more flexibility.
100% Wireless Mode Yes – Powered by 2 x AA No – must be tethered to USB for power. KBT Pro – because it is the only one that can be 100% wireless–You can choose to be tethered and powered by USB when plugged in as a main keyboard for a PC or Mac, or use 100% wireless, battery powered mode to reduce desktop clutter. The Tactile One uses permanent USB connection to a computer, and connection to one HID supported BT device. Needs re-pairing if changing to a different BT device.
Appearance Classic/traditional/professional Sleeke/pretty/techy Tie – Preference issue here
USB Ports None (coming up on next model) 3 USB 2.0 Ports Matias Tactile One – Useful feature which allow you to power up a mouse and have a couple of more USB ports to spare.
Price $179 $199 KBT Pro – You get more and it costs less!
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3 comments on “KBtalKing Pro vs. Matias Tactile One
  1. Poom says:

    I reckon KBT Pro should also win another one, the USB wired mode, detachable cable is a big big plus, you dont want to go wireless mode with the wire hanging there doing nothing.

    Should also do another comparison like this with the Matias Laptop Pro which has just came out, the TKL form factor is pretty desirable for many. But im sure once the TKL version of the KBT Pro is out, it will blow all sorts of competition out of the water.

    • andy says:

      You are right. Detachable USB should be an advantage. But heck we were being nice and didn’t want to have too much of a landslide victory so we considered it even. Yes, the TKL model with BT multi-pairing + USB will blow all kinds of things out of the water. I promise we will publish info on it as soon as we get updates like pics and specs.

  2. Ilan says:

    Very nice! I have been waiting for a wireless mechanical for a long time…please match DAS with a slight promotion and you can take that market…Do an A/B test with a limited promo and I think the strategy will materialize. Right now even thought you are clearly selling a superior product (based on specs) there is a limited market segment that will go this high for a keyboard.

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