KBtalKing USA is Here!

After some hard work and negotiations, KBtalKing has officially decided to launch its USA/North American Devision which will begin carrying its flagship product, KBtalKing Pro, the world’s first Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that features multi-pairing for up to 10 Bluetooth capable devices.

First shipment of the KBtalKing Pro should arrive the US shores in the middle of September 2012. Stay tuned for updates and news in the next couple of months.



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2 comments on “KBtalKing USA is Here!
  1. Prashant Gandhi says:

    Hello I am interested in wireless Mechanical keyboard, but I live in Canada (ontario); so, is this keyboard also coming to Canada, any tip or update will be very helpful; thanks.

    • andy says:

      @Prashant: We’ve received a few inquiries from Canada and yes we can ship there after release. It’ll just be the selling price plus actual shipping and whatever tax/tariff there is.

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