Order Your KBtalKing Pro Now!

KBtalKing Pro is now available for immediate shipping !

Special Introductory Price: $169 + $9.95 flat rate U.S. Shipping (USPS Priority Mail – Usually arrives in 1-3 days!)
International customers: Please contact us about shipping upgrade to your country before ordering


Order Options:

Comes standard with the hard to find, linear Cherry MX Red switches (Tactile MX Blue or MX Brown switches also available in limited quantity)


Comes standard with UV coated White letters on Black keycaps (UV coated Black, laser engraved lettering on Black keycaps also available in very limited quantity)

Complete the pre-order now by selecting your Keyswitch type & Keycap color scheme (only available combinations are shown) then “Add to Cart”

Choose a Keyswitch + Keycap Combination

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8 comments on “Order Your KBtalKing Pro Now!
  1. Bob Currie says:

    Hello kbtalking –

    Only MX Brown and Red switch keyboards are currently available in the “Add to Cart” – will the Blues be returning soon?


    • andy says:

      @Bob: Yeah, as we ran out of a particular build we take them off from the “Add to cart”. Blues are gone for this first shipment, but as soon as we are ready for the second shipment, we will be sure to get more MX Blues due to demand.

  2. David Parry says:

    How much to ship 2 x to Australia?

    What’s the typical time to ship international?

    Thanks in advance.

    • andy says:

      @David: I believe you had also emailed me about this and got my reply as well. But in case there are other Australians with the same question, two pcs would be $59.85 USD, weighing 8 lbs total. =)

  3. Todd Holsinger says:

    Is it possible to order a keyboard with blue switches currently because i can’t do it on the web site

    • andy says:

      Sorry, but we sold out all of the MX Blue keyboards from the first production run. Only MX Reds are available at this time.

      Be sure to follow up on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. We will let you know when we are ready for the second production run and we will have MX Blue and MX Browns as well as more Black on Blacks for sure!

  4. John says:

    Any chance to snag a keyboard with the browns soon?

    • andy says:

      Shoot us an email in the contact us section and we’ll check for you if any pre-orders for an MX Brown cancelled out. If so we’ll lock one in for you.

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