Pre-Order KBtalKing Pro Value Edition (Round 3)

Round -3 of pre-orders have finally arrived on 3/17/2014! We are now shipping. You may still place orders on this page until we sell out again, so order now!

KBtalKing Pro Value Edition

KBtalKing Pro Value Edition

What is the KBtalKing Pro Value Edition?

It is the KBtalKing Pro reengineered to be more affordable yet without sacrificing build quality & feel–The result is that more users can afford it, and by using some changes in manufacturing and also deciding to work with a lower margin, instead of $179-$189, we can now sell it for $149!

KBtalKing Pro Value Edition Pre-Order Round 3 (Due to manufacturer delays, we are scheduled to receive the shipment around 3/15 and we’ll be able to ship out all orders right after that. Thanks for your patience.)

Here’s the skinny:

  • Your choice of 1)Std Keycaps w/MX Blue (Sorry – Sold out!), 2)Std Keycaps w/MX Brown
  • Comes with bonus Mac keycaps (4 pcs)

    Mac Keycaps for KBtalKing Pro

    Mac Keycaps for KBtalKing Pro

  • Difference from the original KBtalKing Pro V1.1:
    - The use of a standard single layer (yet still durable) PCB instead of the overbuilt dual-layer PCB.
    - No paint on the exterior casing — natural matted finish.
    - No UV coat on keycaps (remember, our keycaps are laser etched white on black keycaps, NOT white paint, so it is inherently meant to NOT wear out).
    - Use of standard R4 keycaps on the top row instead of the taller and more costly R5 keycaps which was implemented purely for aesthetic reasons and uniqueness.
    - Use of the crisp metal bar stabilizers on big keys instead of Cherry “satellite” stabilizers — The difference is barely noticeable and neither is better than the other.
    - Use of regular sticker on back of keyboard instead of more expensive sticker/emblem.
    - Standard user guide instead of fancy origami user guide card.
  • New features in KBtalKing Pro Value Edition, with firmware V1.2:
    - LED lights toggle: Press Fn+CapsLk to toggle in and out of  LED lights when in battery mode – When connected to a device/computer, you decide if you want the LEDs (namely NumLk and CapsLk LEDs) working or not, in order to save battery.
    - Keyboard lock function: This function now won’t be accidentally activated: To lock keyboard (for children or security), you must press Fn+Minus (on keypad) and hold for about 4 seconds, then you’ll the CapsLk flash, signifying the keyboard is in locked mode. To Disable, simply press Fn+Minus and verify that CapsLk is no longer flashing. This prevents confusion of people thinking their keyboard is unresponsive or defective.


Price: $149 + $9.95 flat rate U.S. Shipping (USPS Priority Mail)

 Order Options:

1) Standard Keycaps: Laser Etched White Characters on Black ABS Plastic

Available with the following keyswitches:

  • Cherry MX Blue (Sorry – All sold out!) (Tactile & Clicky)


  • Cherry MX Brown (Tactile & Non-clicky)

Complete the order now by selecting your Keyswitch type (only available combinations are shown) then “Add to Cart”

KBtalKing Pro Value Edition Pre-Order Round 3 (Est. Ship date 02/22/14)