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  • 1-Year Warranty: All products are guaranteed against defects for one year, including parts and labor (starting when your shipment arrives).
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Either way, please use the contact form below to contact us first to get a return authorization before trying to send anything to us!

  • Important: Before you think you have a defective keyboard, please read through the tutorial and FAQ links below and see if your question is answered or problem is solved. Often times a misunderstood concept or step can really cause confusions.

    1. KBtalKing Pro Tutorial
    2. KBtalKing Pro FAQ

If after being sure you are properly using the keyboard and you are still having problems or technical issues, PLEASE use this contact form below or email us directly at support [a t] and we will reply you promptly (usually within the next business day).

Note: KBtalKing USA only has distributorship rights for the KBtalKing Pro and newer models. Previous models such as the KBtalKing, KBtalKing Light, KBtalKing Pure, etc.,  are sold and supported exclusively by their respective distributors/importers and are not supported by KBtalKing USA.


15 comments on “Support
  1. Max Groves says:

    I just placed a pre-order for your keyboard, but i didn’t see a field for specifying which type of switch I wanted. I did write in the “special instructions” field to please reserve me a model with cherry mx blue switches. I just wanted to give extra notice in case that’s missed.

    • andy says:

      Max, you did it correctly. We did get the request for MX Blues where you specified in the “message/comment to seller section” of paypal. Thanks for checking in to make sure!

  2. Cary says:


    I have a bunch of questions, please bear with me 🙂

    I’ve seen on your youtube page that you will be making a tenkeyless version with backlit keys.

    1.) Is this still planned?
    a.) If it is available, will we be able to specify what color we would like (as one could specifically order different cherry mx switches)

    2.) What is the max distance that this keyboard works at? 6ft, 10ft, 30ft?

    3.) When the keyboard is wired, the keys presses go through a USB connection instead of bluetooth, correct? I ask this because I prefer wired connections for gaming reasons (considerably less latency) but would like to go over bluetooth when convenient.

    4.) Would it be possible to get a keyboard with mix and match cherry mx switches? Personally, I would prefer the WASD and Arrow keys to be Cherry MX browns because you don’t need them to bottom out for the key to go through. And I would like the Space,ctrl,alt,enter,backspace keys to be cherry mx reds because you can oscillate the keys at a higher frequency. And then Cherry MX blues for all other keys because those are best, imo, for typing and avoiding accidental key hits.

    Obviously #4 is way nit-picky, but just asking 🙂

    • andy says:

      Cary – Not a problem. I’ll do my best to answer them!

      1) Yes it is still planned, but heck, from a feasibility standpoint, we’d like to be able to get a good following with this first model, the KBtalKing Pro, before we can proceed with future models. From the way things look, we are on track. =) As for colors, if you’re talking about exterior, we haven’t decided yet, there could possibly be white or black to choose from. And for Cherry MX switches, yes, we would also have choices of probably Red, Blue and Brown.

      2) The maximum distance is typical of what Bluetooth will support. It will also depend on your devices Bluetooth hardware to some extent. From my own real-life test, I was able to fully control it from about 30 feet away with no problem (and then my back was already against the wall and I ran out of room). However, I don’t see why I would want to do that as I could no longer see the smartphone or my computer’s screen anymore.

      3) Yes. USB mode = Direct USB connection. So even though when USB is plugged in it will power the keyboard, allowing Bluetooth connectivity for every device (including phones and computers), when you choose the USB device slot, it uses a direct USB connection, giving you the least amount of latency possible, which is perfect for gaming.

      4) Wow, that is a very extreme request indeed! I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t believe we can make them that customized at this point. I can pass the word to the head honcho and see what he says. Who knows, if enough people will vouch for this setup, we can maybe put these in extremely limited production in the future?

  3. Bob Currie says:

    So far so good with my new MXBlue KBTPro. Only one thing is getting me right now – the timeout when operating in wireless mode. After about a minute, the keyboard seems to require touching a key to “wake up”. That key does not register on the computer. The one-minute interval seems to be right about where I want to start typing again – and it’s a 50/50 crap shoot as to whether I’ll guess right (hit a “wake up” key, or not). It’s a bit maddening. Is there a way to disable the keyboard going to “sleep”? Or at least change the interval?

    • Bob Currie says:

      After some experimentation, it turns out that the power-save timeout on my keyboard is about 20 seconds (at which point it needs the wake-up call). I can barely take a drink of soda and the keyboard has gone away. Unfortunately, this is a showstopper for me :-(, unless the timeout is user-configurable. Other than the timeout, this keyboard is nearly perfect. KBTP support, please respond as soon as possible, so I can send the keyboard back if necessary. Thanks!


      • andy says:

        Bob, sounds like this is an anomaly that needs to be looked into more. I’ve tested several KBT Pro for my own use and it simply does not sleep that quickly at all. It may be a BT connectivity or interference issue. Shoot me an email as shown in the support page ( and we’ll help you troubleshoot it. We reply to the emails pretty quickly and will help you resolve any issues. Comments are not quite as efficient for support issues. =)

        • Bob Currie says:

          Thanks Andy – I got your email as well. I’m so glad to hear the normal timeout is around 20-30 minutes. I’ll reply to your email and hopefully we can work it out. I’m otherwise loving the keyboard. Thanks! ~Bob

          • Bob Currie says:

            Hooray!, I found the answer on another forum. My problem was with Windows. If any one else has this problem, go to:
            Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Bluetooth Radio and right-click on your Bluetooth adapter to open the Properties. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Click OK. 😀

            My KBTalkingPro is now the perfect keyboard for me 😀

          • andy says:

            Robert, that’s going to come in handy in case another user come across the same problem! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bob Currie says:

    Just found a minor issue. The symbols on the key for ‘minus’ and ‘underscore’ (next to the ‘0’ key on the main keyboard) are reversed. The underscore should be on top. 🙂 It would be nice to get a replacement keycap if that gets fixed at some point.


    BTW – switching between PC and my Android phone works great 🙂

  5. andy says:

    Good point. Although I’ve never compared the Minus sign and Underscore to see which one was supposed to be the bigger one on a keyboard keycap. Technically they are the same size on screen!

    In any event I’ll pass the word along and perhaps in the next version they’ll change it. =)

  6. NIcholas says:

    10 Keyless Cherry Red FTW… Hope to see it soon in 2013..

  7. Tien Lee says:

    “sticky key” problem

    Hello, I am encountering a “sticky key problem” that the delete key or ctrl + z or other regular key strokes such as “p” and others, if the key is pushed it would self-repeat,and the keyboard would run amok. right now, the problem is completely random. I have no way of telling what is causing this problem.

    The problem is on bluetooth mode, usb mode. and on PC, MAC, and android devices. Therefore, i can safely conclude the issue is rooted in the keyboard itself.

    This is making the keyboard unusable and very annoying.

    If there is no workaround, I would like to rma this keyboard. (only received one month and used for less than a week)

    • andy says:

      @Tien: Might be a firmware issue (update coming) and possibly solvable right now by a master reset (hold Fn+Reset for 3 seconds). I have contacted you at your email for further diagnostics instructions.