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KBtalKing Pro vs. Matias Tactile One

There is really only one other mechanical keyboard on the market today that comes close to the KBtalKing Pro in terms of having USB and some kind of Bluetooth connectivity for another computer or BT device. That other keyboard is

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Super Quick Promo/Intro Video

This video will help get you started using KBtalKing Pro the right way!

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KBT Pro V1.1 is on its way to the USA!

Just got word from Taiwan that the KBtalKing Pro V1.1 shipment is being prepared and about to ship to the USA as I type this post! We are pretty much on track with the February 28th ETA. After we receive

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CES 2013 – Checking out the Celluon Prodigy and Magic Cube

While KBtalKing USA didn’t have a booth at CES 2013, we did manage to get a badge last minute and check out all the latest and greatest electronics, including some cool input devices. The first booth that grabbed our attention

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