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KBtalKing Pro vs. Matias Tactile One

There is really only one other mechanical keyboard on the market today that comes close to the KBtalKing Pro in terms of having USB and some kind of Bluetooth connectivity for another computer or BT device. That other keyboard is

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White KBtalKing Pro with blank keycaps

The only one in the world. Looks pretty badass right? It’s got Cherry MX Red switches underneath and feels like a dream to type on. And I’ve actually become a better typist because of being forced to really know where

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KBtalKing USA is Here!


After some hard work and negotiations, KBtalKing has officially decided to launch its USA/North American Devision which will begin carrying its flagship product, KBtalKing Pro, the world’s first Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that features multi-pairing for up to 10 Bluetooth capable

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