We’re shipping! (again)

Shipment has arrived a few days ago and we are now shipping! Your order is being shipped on a first come first served basis, but if you have not seen a tracking# update in your paypal yet, we anticipate to finish shipping these pre-orders by May 7th!

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11 comments on “We’re shipping! (again)
  1. Thaopham says:

    I wanna get a brown one. Do you know when will you have it ?

    • andy says:

      Yeah they all sold out and the factory need enough quantities to make another production run. We are working on a KBT Pro Value Edition (estimated price point $149!), and more Browns and Blues will be available when it comes out. ETA is a couple of months from now.

  2. Poom says:

    Hi Andy, what is KBT Pro Value Edition?

    • andy says:

      Basically it’s a lower cost version with slightly less bragging rights but still a very solid keyboard at around the $149 price point. We should be getting the full specs and pre-order started on that within the week.

  3. billy says:

    I would buy one of these if they came in tenkeyless. White would also be awesome.

  4. Quan says:

    When will the Pro version come back in stock do you know?

  5. Joe says:

    Any updates on whether the firmware situation will change for original models? I know in the past you were waiting for potentially possibly getting a kit to be able to upgrade it, but between the caps lock while on battery and the more-difficult-to-activate lock kb function, it sounds like it would fix most of my issues if 1.2 every was available for the Pro.

    • andy says:

      Joe, most recent solution we got form the factory was to send it back and they will do it there. (customer pay shipping to Taiwan factory, and factory will pay to ship it back to you). They were not able to release any flash kits to us after all. If you are interested in that, please contact us in the support section and we will give you more information.

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