White KBtalKing Pro with blank keycaps

White KBT Pro 45° View

White KBT Pro 45° View

The only one in the world. Looks pretty badass right? It’s got Cherry MX Red switches underneath and feels like a dream to type on. And I’ve actually become a better typist because of being forced to really know where my keys are without looking at all.

So, how did I end up with this keyboard? Long story, but basically I had a white blank prototype that was just a shell given to my by the factory as a sample earlier this year. It had the exterior, cherry keycaps on a non working pc board, with no BT module, etc. Basically a dummy unit.

And after the Pro was released in October, one day I was staring at my pile of stuff and i thought hey maybe I can put a working KBtalKing Pro into this thing. And that I did.

White KBtalKing Pro Front View

White KBT Pro Front View

Luckily i didn’t need to modify it too much to get everything to work. Just a bit of swapping the guts and then a lot of keycap pulling and reinstalling and voilà there it was!

What do you guys think? Maybe i can run a contest and make this as the prize? 😉

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3 comments on “White KBtalKing Pro with blank keycaps
  1. Typhaeon says:

    Oh man, that black bar on top is AMAZING. I’d fight five beavers and an angry weevil for this.

    • the Fox says:

      A unique thing of beauty…. almost like a white rhino… ok maybe not. But I would be up for a contest for it. However I am really looking forward for the TK-Less version this year too.

  2. Fmoritz says:

    I love the white version very much and the idea of throwing a contest over it is a great idea!

    Since you don’t really have a distinguishing logo like Logitech, Razer, or Corsair. Perhaps a design contest would be fitting? That way, the winner and you both win!

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