Digital tools to be used by companies by 2021

2020 has definitely been a year where many changes have occurred. This is due to the emergence of COVID-19, where the whole world’s economy was slowed down due to increased cases. Talking about the business world, businesses such as cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana or tourism spaces such as the Hotel Baja Mexico were most affected. This was due to confinement, which forced people to stay in their homes, causing these sectors to be damaged.

The changes brought about by the pandemic opened up an excellent opportunity for companies, especially those that are managed only traditionally. Digital tools and the evolution towards this type of platform was the key for several companies to avoid closing down their company. At the same time, those that resisted the change lost everything. The year 2021 will be surrounded by thousands and thousands of digital tools, which will be the protagonists of this period, especially for brands.

Video call applications

Video call platforms will be more critical for this year, mostly because, in many parts of the world, the cases of COVID-19 increased, causing people to be unable to return to their daily activities. Many companies and schools have used this type of application to keep in touch with employees, customers, and students, allowing no loss of jobs or classes.

Without a doubt, 2021 will be the ideal moment for different business sectors to start using these platforms, mainly if you want to continue working and communicating with the other people who are part of the company. So it is time for companies to begin this transition to the use of this tool gradually.

Facial recognition

Due to the increase in people using the Internet and different applications, there has been an increase in viruses affecting mobile devices and computers. That is why many companies have begun to use facial recognition systems to monitor employees, partners, and students’ entry and exit, thus avoiding generating problems associated with viruses.

By making use of this type of system, companies will be able to obtain three main benefits which are associated with the control and monitoring of the participants to the facilities, to carry out in a faster way the entrance of the personnel and to transmit to the people more security and confidence. Currently, many applications provide this type of mechanism.

Managing time through digital tools

Previously, to manage schedules or activities, a physical agenda was used, but this is now behind us. Business administration can be done much more quickly and easily, thanks to the applications and platforms that offer this type of service. The management systems will allow interested parties to monitor the number of clients they will have, remind them of important meetings, manage daily activities, and optimize communication with employees or clients. Because of these benefits, more and more brands are making use of these types of methods.

Payment programs

Another great digital tool that companies will gradually have to employ within their system is payment programs, where customers can make their transitions through this application.